Road-Tripping New Zealand v.4

6/3/14: Pancake Rocks and Mangarakau Wetland Swamp We spent the morning driving along some pretty spectacular coastal cliffs. Saw steam lifting off the Tasman Sea oceanfront, which I haven’t seen before. Tried to get it on video, but failed miserably. Stopped off at the Pancake Rocks and Blowhole in Paparoa National Park. Interesting enough geological […]

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Road-Tripping New Zealand v.1

South Sea Island, Fiji

The Short Version of the Itinerary Before we dive into the finer details of this feature, let’s explore the big picture real quick. This two-week bender included about 21 hours of flight time one way and a week-long road trip of New Zealand’s South Island midway through. (Click on either image below to enlarge.) Our […]

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