Backpacking the Former Yugoslavia v.3

Colorful train in Ljubljana, Slovenia

9/19/14: Dragons and Schnitzel Woke up early to catch a train to Ljubljana. Same great train ride, half the distance back, only no bickering with the husband. Saw the cab driver from the day before at the train station. He had a tattoo on his hand above his thumb that I’d recognized from the day […]

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Backpacking the Former Yugoslavia v.2

The picturesque Church of the Assumption sits in the middle of an alpine lake in the fairytale town of Bled, Slovenia

9/16/14: The Headless Sphinx & The Romantic Englishman Hopped a bus first thing this morning to Split to pick up a connection to Plitvice. The first leg of the trip hugged the coastline. Weaved through endless small villages, which all started to look alike after a while. Pretty, but all the same. White stucco with […]

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Backpacking the Former Yugoslavia v.1

Fort Lovrijenac, sitting just outside the Croatian walled city of Dubrovnik

Welcome to my very first Global Debauchery feature! Instead of bombarding subscribers with email notifications for ten days straight, I decided I’d consolidate my features into three parts, today’s post being part 1, of course. For folks who’ve read my journal posts on Facebook, you may remember this little gem from a couple years ago. For those […]

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