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How The Blog Began

My travel writing actually began as journal entries on Facebook. People got really into them, and I kind of organically gained a reputation as “that travel girl with the crazy stories.” So, I decided to make an official blog of all the tales. And thus began Global Debauchery.

The blog actually started many, many years ago—on Blogspot, now Blogger—but fizzled out shortly after its inception. I honestly have no sound rationale for why. It just did. Life happened and sometimes I have a short attention span. But I reinvented it on a new platform with new material.

I enjoy writing, I love travel, and I’m a master deal finder. I was always being asked how I afforded my trips and where I found this deal or that deal. I was actually just happy anyone was reading my stuff at all. And now I get to work with travel brands! I hope you’ll enjoy reading Global Debauchery as much as I enjoy writing it. And I hope it sparks that travel bug we all know and love.

All the Blog Posts

What can you expect from the revitalized, Liebster and Versatile award-winning “Global Debauchery?”

Well, you can expect rotating interest articles about what the hell to do with your travel interests between trips, great cost-saving tips, original itinerary and weekend trip ideas, and unique must-sees/must-dos across the globe. You can read all about twisted tales of personal misadventure and hear from the periodic guest blogger. Mostly, you can look forward to anything and everything that inspires us all in the ways of wanderlust.

A breakdown of my current post rotations…

  • Travel Inspiration: Overindulge in all your wanderlust needs and wants right here, kids. I got you covered.
  • Travel Journal: In-depth tales of misadventure and every single scintillating thought that goes through my mind when I’m on the road. This was actually the genesis of Global Debauchery—I used to write travel journal entries on Facebook before I started an actual blog.
  • Travel Tips: Wanna save money while traveling? What should you know before driving in Italy? How can I pack 10 days of clothes in a bookbag? It’s all there.
  • Itineraries: We tend to engage in do-it-yourself travels and create some pretty wild itineraries. Want some ideas? This section is for you.
  • Reviews: All of the incredible brands I have the opportunity to work with are catalogued here. I’ve yet to collab with one I wouldn’t recommend.

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