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Why, hello! I’m Jordan, creator behind Global Debauchery and founder of Jordan Campbell Creative, LLC. After 20 years as an award-winning creative director, I gave it all up. And took my tales of travel and trouble full-time.

Since then, I’ve grown a community of more than 24,500, receive 466,000+ blog impressions per month, and have partnered with more than 50 international travel brands. I’ve spoken at the Travel & Adventure Show (3x!) and the Women In Travel Summit, and have done numerous virtual presentations for both Wanderful and The Nomadic Network.

What sets Global Debauchery apart from all those other travel creator brands? You won’t find 20-something models on this feed, no. I’m just like everyone else—a mid-40’s, accident-prone, travel-lover who tells all authentically and honestly. And this is what appeals to the most influential target market, with the most disposable income, in travel.

Success In Numbers

In just a few years, I’ve built a loyal community of more than 24,500 travelers across multiple social media channels… organically. These are highly engaged, real consumers, spending an average of $5,800 per year on travel. And they are actively seeking Global Debauchery’s travel recommendations—from destinations to accommodations to experiences, and everything in between. My humorous and relatable “every-woman” take on all things travel specifically targets the largest decision-making group in the travel economy. And it’s easy—because I’m that demographic.


Monthly Impressions: 36,591
Monthly Reach: 22,031
• 12-Mo Organic Growth: 42.5%


Monthly Impressions: 36,232
Monthly Reach: 9,561
• Monthly Engagement: 7%


  • The average US traveler is a size-12, 47-yo female.
  • People aged 35–54 plan to spend an average of $5,800/year on travel.
  • Gen X women spend more time on social media per week than Millennial women.
  • 80% of all travel decisions are made by women.
  • In the US, women make up 63% of leisure travelers.
  • For every single male traveler, there are 4 women solo travelers.

Global Reach

You can find “Top Things To Do in City X” anywhere. But Global Debauchery digs deeper by offering readers a closer look at destinations. I find all the fun in lesser-traveled places (like the Faroe Islands, Mongolia, or Nebraska), and off-beat sights in well-traveled places (like London, Paris, or New York). I seek out unusual experiences and unique food and drinks. I cover hard-to-find information on destinations worldwide, and this—in addition to an on-page SEO score of 99—makes my content highly sought after on a global scale. Viewed in more than 175 countries, Global Debauchery is most popular in all major English-speaking countries around the world.


• Monthly Impressions: 466,000+
Monthly Page Views: 11,500
Engagement Rate: 60%
Page Authority: 38
On-Page SEO: 99

Viewed in more than 175 countries

Top 10 Cities

• New York, NY
• Washington, DC
• London, EN
• Chicago, IL
• Los Angeles, CA
• San Juan, PR
• Dallas, TX
• Atlanta, GA
• Boston, MA
• Toronto, ON

Trusted Authority

But it’s not just “people on the internet” who think I know my stuff; it’s well-known and respected travel organizations, too. My work has been featured on Oprah and the Microsoft Network; I’ve spoken at major industry conferences; and, I’m a member of multiple media organizations. Exposure like this further boosts my ability to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Positive Feedback

I’ve had the opportunity to partner with a number of amazing big-name travel companies, tourism boards, and DMOs. While my online presence and industry knowledge are what draws brands in, it’s my 20 years’ experience in design and marketing that take our collaborations to the next level. Can I create a super successful social media campaign for you? Of course. But I can also produce an entire photoshoot, craft an in-depth brand strategy, or design your website for you. Whatever your brand or marketing needs, I’ve got you covered.

“Jordan is not only a real professional and great to work with, she’s also passionate about her work, approaches everything with an amazing attitude, and always delivers above and beyond. We love working with her on creator campaigns and leveraging her leadership skills to grow our community. She’s inquisitive, interesting, reliable, and an excellent writer. Highly recommend her for your next social media campaign or brand project!”

Beth Santos headshot

Beth Santos
CEO, Wanderful

“Jordan’s pioneering spirit and innovative approach are redefining the landscape of travel and what it means to be a creator, all while actively participating in local philanthropic leadership efforts. Jordan unapologetically and authentically pushes the boundaries of what a creator “is,” and her bold and humorous voice has landed her an impressive list of clients that offer high praise for her ability to reflect their brand mission and amplify their message.” 

Tonya Fitzpatrick headshot

Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.
Maryland Board of Tourism

“We had Jordan take over our Instagram account. Aside from her insanely amazing original photographs, she crafted a cohesive story throughout the day. Her quirky sense of humor shined, and our community had so much fun engaging with her. It was the most successful takeover we’d had in months, and I’ve already invited her to come back to present to our community of travelers! Jordan was such a pleasure to work with.”

Erica Virvo Hackman headshot

Erica Virvo Hackman
Director, The Nomadic Network

Case Studies

The good news about all of this is that the proof is in the pudding. Whatever the work agreement, you can rest assured knowing I will always go above and beyond to ensure you get incredible results. Because—at the end of the day—it’s not about a single project; it’s about building long-term partnerships. Take a glance below at just a couple of real-world project outcomes I’ve achieved for brands.

Celestyal case study IG post
Celestyal case study IG post
Celestyal case study IG post
Celestyal case study IG post
Celestyal case study IG post
Celestyal case study IG post


I had the pleasure of working with Celestyal Cruises on a 7-day, 3-continent cruise to spread brand awareness stateside. I featured the cruise every day on Instagram Stories in the form of a travel diary, provided no less than one Instagram post or reel—shared across numerous other social platforms—per day, and crafted a blog post that was then shared on The results? A reach of more than 46,000* (that’s ~6,600 per day) and a sky-high engagement rate of 8.6%. *Does not include’s analytics.

Total Reach: 46,000+
Total Views: 35,000+
Engagements: 3,000+
Engagement Rate: 8.6%
Read the blog
See it on


What can Global Debauchery do with just three days in your destination? A lot. How does a mini social campaign reaching more than 28,000 people sound? With an 8.9% engagement rate? That’s what I was able to achieve for Discover Puerto Rico on a simple long weekend FAM tour featuring their west coast beaches. They were looking to promote their destination in specific mainland target markets, and I was more than happy to help with the DC Metro area. So I posted Instagram Stories daily and crafted Instagram posts and reels, which were then shared on other social platforms.

Total Reach: 28,150+
Total Views: 11,400+
Engagements: 2,500+
Engagement Rate: 8.9%

Discover Puerto Rico Case Study
Discover Puerto Rico Case Study
Discover Puerto Rico Case Study
Discover Puerto Rico Case Study
Discover Puerto Rico Case Study
Discover Puerto Rico Case Study


By now, you’ve learned I was a Creative Director in my prior life. So what does this mean for you? It means I’m a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs… if you want me to be. Not only am I an accomplished content creator, I’m an actual professionally trained and educated designer with a BFA in Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Marketing from University of Maryland.

I’ve worked with major international brands like Mastercard, BlueCross BlueShield, and Ameriprise; I’ve received more than ten creative awards for my work, including an Addy award and Marketer of the Year from the American Marketing Association; I’ve been in charge of multimillion dollar re-brands and website builds; and, I’ve even had my work featured on Oprah. This professional experience only serves to bolster my content creation chops. Want to learn more? See my design portfolio.

• Press or familiarization trips• Photography and/or videography• Brand consultations
• Social media campaigns• Digital design (websites, UX, apps)• Website consultations
• Sponsored blog posts• Graphic design (brand, advertising, collateral)• Social media consultations
• Contest and/or giveaway collaborations• Animation (motion graphics)• Marketing consultations
• User generated content• Print production (complex production techniques)

Contact Me

Not sure how to leverage the power of social media and connect with your target demographic? Whether you’re a tourism board, travel company, property, or product, I can help creatively market your brand. Let’s do great things together. Reach out today!

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