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Hell yeah, I’ve got freebies. And discounts. I openly invite you to take full advantage of them so you might engage in your very own globally debaucherous adventures. From women’s travel groups to discounts to travel tip webinars to travel creator webinars. It’s all right. here. Just keep scrolling and enjoy, friends.

Discounts For Everyone

$50 Off Wanderful

Join Wanderful with me!

Are you a female-identifying traveler or ally? Then join my girl group Wanderful! Attend local chapter events with fellow travel-lovers, watch endless virtual webinars, and nab a ton of fun travel discounts.

Get a 7-day free trial and $50 off an annual membership (forever) with code: WASHINGTONDC.

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Get up to $100 off just for subscribing to my newsletter. Not to mention pro travel tips, fun travel opportunities, excellent travel discounts, and—of course—the best blog posts ever.

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Freebies For Travelers

Tips On How To Travel Deeper

How do you separate from the crowds and create truly unique and memorable travel experiences? Join me as I discusses how you can travel deeper and explore more. In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • What experiential travel means
  • How to incorporate it into your itineraries and your life, both at home and abroad
  • Where to find weird and wonderful to-dos
  • Helpful resources for digging deeper

Int’l Travel During Covid

Covid Travel webinar screenshot

I’ve traveled internationally to nine different countries during the pandemic (with connections), and—as much as one can be—I am expert at navigating Covid travel. After this hour, you’ll know:

  • Various restrictions + requirements
  • Where to find up-to-date resources
  • Common Covid travel planning mishaps
  • Things to consider + plan for… just in case!
  • And, what to do if you test positive abroad

Freebies For Creators

Creating A Killer Brand

Killer Brand webinar screenshot

If you’re a creator or entrepreneur—you’re a brand. The question is… are you a good brand? Join me—an award-winning Creative Director—for a workshop on how you can give your audience the very best of your brand.

  • What a brand actually is
  • Finding your voice
  • Defining your niche
  • A strong visual identity
  • Consistent elevator-pitching
  • A killer media kit

Optimizing Your Website

Website Optimization webinar screenshot

Did you know Google announced that UX would now be a ranking factor in your SEO results? If you haven’t optimized your entire site yet, you’re already behind. After this workshop, you’ll know how to:

  • Create a mobile-first site experience
  • Incorporate intuitive UI and UX
  • Properly optimize your images and graphics
  • Implement accessible site features
  • Suss out other functional gremlins pulling your page results down
Cheers, Jordan