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Resources Especially For You

Welcome to Global Debauchery’s official Resource Center! It’s true. You’ll find the keys to the debaucherous kingdom righthere. Anything you need—from freebies, discounts, my favorite travel sites—is outlined just for you on these few pages. And these pages are organic. They’ll be updated pseudo-regularly. All to ensure you’ve got the best travel resources at your fingertips!

Freebies & Discounts

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You want freebies? I got freebies for you. And discounts. Pop on over for free traveler and creator webinars. Get $50 off an annual Wanderful membership (forever) and up to $100 off your next stay while you’re there, too. You’re welcome, don’t say I never give you anything, and—most of all—enjoy!

My Favorite Travel Sites

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Want #allthedeets for your next destination? Find travel inspo, planning tools, transportation and lodging sites, and tour companies on my favorite travel sites list. Plus, where to go for Covid entry/exit requirements, and all the visa and vaccination information you’ll need. Yep—these are the keys to my travel kingdom.

My Favorite Travel Gear

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How do I become a carry-on girl, too? Find out what actual gear I pack and how I manage to get everything into a single carry-on. Check out my all-time awesomest backpack, my travel-sized everything, and a few emergency items that have come in handy more than once on the road. Seriously, you’ll be glad you got these, too.

Cheers, Jordan