The Absolute Best Time To Visit the Azores

Okay, so you know WHERE you want to go but do you know WHEN the best time to visit the Azores is? There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find out that everything is closed for the season or the weather pattern is less than favorable for the duration of your stay. Not to fear, Jordan’s here! Read on to find out the best time to visit the Azores so you can avoid the unexpected.


best time to visit the azores

The Best Time To Visit the Azores (in General)

The best time to visit the Azores really just depends on your preferences. If you enjoy warmer weather and want to have fun in the sun and enjoy water activities, summer is ideal. For milder temperatures and fewer crowds, spring and autumn are prime. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly trip and want to experience the local culture, winter could be your best bet.

Generally speaking, the months of May, June, September, and October are considered the best times to visit the Azores. But I’m not just going to tell you the best time to visit the Azores islands overall. I’m going to share the best time to visit each of the nine islands so you can decide which one is bet for you. Get your notepad ready because here we go!

The Best Time To Visit São Miguel


May is a wonderful month to visit São Miguel. The weather begins to warm up, with temperatures ranging from 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C). The landscapes are lush with blooming flowers and greenery. It’s an excellent time for outdoor activities like hiking and exploring the island. Additionally, May falls before the peak tourist season, so you can enjoy fewer crowds and more affordable accommodations.


June is another great month to visit São Miguel. The temperatures continue to rise, providing pleasant weather for outdoor activities and exploration. The island is in full bloom, and you can witness the beautiful colors of the flora. June is also the start of various cultural events and festivals, offering a chance to experience the local culture and traditions.


September is considered one of the best months to visit São Miguel. The summer crowds begin to dissipate, and you can explore the island’s attractions with fewer tourists. September is also an excellent time for whale watching, as many species pass through the Azores during this period. Additionally, you can enjoy outdoor activities, visit natural wonders, and experience the local culture without the peak season rush.

nordeste in the azores

The Best Time To Visit Santa Maria

For peak good weather, you really can’t go wrong with the month because the weather is nice year round here. On average, the warmest months are July through October and the rainiest months are October and December. The climate is January is ideal but you won’t be sad if you choose any other time either. Peak tourist season is July and August, so if you want to avoid crowds, go literally any other month and you’ll be okay.

best time to visit santa maria azores

The Best Time To Visit São Jorge

If we’re talking climate, November is the best month to visit São Jorge. Pro tip: don’t go during February through April unless you love constant rainfall. Visitors to the island peak in August and it gets pretty crowded, which is perfect for all you extroverts out there. July and September are a bit slower but November through March is the best time to go so you’re not overwhelmed by other travelers.

best time to visit sao jorge island azores

The Best Time To Visit Graciosa

This island tends to have a milder climate than the others in the Azores. It doesn’t get as much rain as the rest either but the very best time to visit is June to September. The temperatures are pleasant and you can also attend one of the MANY local summer festivals that are held on the island.

graciosa villages azores

The Best Time To Visit Pico Island

July is a great time to visit Pico Island. The days are longer, providing ample time to explore. July is a great time for hiking, especially to the summit of Mount Pico, the highest peak in Portugal. You can enjoy the beautiful coastline, visit vineyards, and participate in whale watching excursions. You can also attend cultural events and festivals to experience the vibrant local atmosphere.

pico island vineyard azores

The Best Time To Visit Faial Island

June through November is one of the best time to visit Faial Island. It’s an excellent time for outdoor activities such as hiking and enjoying the charming marina area. June marks the beginning of the island’s summer season, and there are many local events that take place on the island during this time. Don’t forget to sign up for a whale watching excursion!

faial island whale watching azores

The Best Time To Visit Terceira

August is ideal if you want to visit Terceira Island. This is a lively month with several traditional festivals taking place, including the renowned Festas da Praia. This festival includes parades, bull fights, live music, and various cultural events. Additionally, August offers ideal conditions for outdoor activities like hiking, exploring the island’s historical sites, and enjoying the beautiful beaches and coastal areas.

terceira island volcanic rocks azores

The Best Time To Visit Flores Island

You can’t really go wrong with Flores island. The best months for good weather are February through November, so basically the entire year is a green light. Another cool thing about Flores is that it’s pretty remote so you won’t run into any crowds at any point during the year. June is ideal for outdoor activities and this month also has longer daylight hours, providing ample time to explore the island.

flores island azores

The Best Time To Visit Corvo Island

Corvo is unique in that it’s the most remote island in the Azores, and it’s the only island when the best time to visit is October. It’s an ideal time for birdwatching, as Corvo island is a haven for many migratory bird species. If you’re an avid birdwatcher, this island is your paradise. Additionally, you can experience the culture and traditions firsthand during local events that take place on the island.

corvo island azores

Azores Weather Year Round

To make it even easier, here’s a chart to help give you a basic understanding of what the weather in the Azores is like year round. This isn’t set in stone because as we all know, weather changes on a dime. But this will give you a general idea of what you can expect during each month.

January62° / 54°F (16° / 12°C)7.7 in (133 mm)
February62° / 53°F (16° / 11°C)6.7 in (170 mm)
March62° / 54°F (16° / 12°C)6.1 in (155 mm)
April63° / 54°F (17° / 12°C)4.1 in (105 mm)
May66° / 57°F (19° / 14°C)4.1 in (105 mm)
June70° / 61°F (21° / 16°C)3.7 in (95 mm)
July75° / 64°F (24° / 18°C)2.4 in (60 mm)
August77° / 66°F (25° / 19°C)2.8 in (70 mm)
September75° / 65°F (24° / 12°C)4.9 in (125 mm)
October71° / 62°F (21° / 16°C)7.1 in (180 mm)
November66° / 58°F (19° / 14°C)7.1 in (180 mm)
December64° / 56°F (18° / 13°C)8.9 in (225 mm)

Ultimately, It’s Your Decision.

I can sit here all day and tell you the best time to visit the Azores islands but in the end, it’s up to you and your overall preference. Speaking of which, if you have a preference for quirky destinations and hole-in-the-wall places, follow me for even more adventures to come!

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