The Best Cruise in the Mediterranean? Celestyal’s 3 Continents.

Celestyal cruise ship in port in Kusadasi, Turkiye

Many of us dream of cruising the Greek Islands, sunbathing on a lido deck with cocktail in hand. And that does sound amazing. But I wanted my next cruise experience to be something unique, different. Something culturally enriching. Also with cocktail in hand. So I opted for Celestyal Cruises’ 7-day, 3 continent cruise. …It was sincerely nothing short of spectacular. If you ask me, “What cruise line is the best?” I have zero hesitation in recommending Celestyal. And if you ask me, “What’s the best cruise in the Mediterranean?”… It’s Celestyal’s Three Continents Cruise. Keep reading for all the deets.


Celestyal Cruise in the Mediterranean tugboat

Celestyal’s Multi Country Cruise Itinerary

I’ll get my Greek Island cruise one day (and—to be fair—we did stop at one Greek Island), but for this trip, I was so here for Celestyal’s 7 day, multi continent cruise all around the east Mediterranean.

  • Day 1: Embark from Athens, Greece (Piraeus)
  • Day 2: At Sea Day
  • Day 3: Cairo + Giza, Egypt (Port Said)
  • Day 4: Jerusalem + Bethlehem, Israel (Ashdod)
  • Day 5: Kurios + Omodos, Cyprus (Limassol)
  • Day 6: Rhodes, Greece (Old Town + Lindos)
  • Day 7: Kusadasi, Turkiye (Ephesus)
  • Disembark in Athens, Greece (Piraeus)

Honestly, it’s a bit of a different cruise type. The perfect cruise itinerary for fast travelers like myself, people who want “more” out of their cruise itineraries than beach stops, or for folks who want to “test the waters” in a few different locations before committing to a whole trip there. (See what I did there?)

What Makes This the Best Cruise In the Mediterranean?

The Cruise Hospitality Is Literally The Best In The Mediterranean

Celestyal Cruises won the 2022 Best Service award from Cruise Critic. Yep. That might make it the best Mediterranean cruise. The Greek word philoxenia translates directly to “love of a stranger” or “love of the foreign.” It’s considered to be a deep-rooted philosophy in the world of Greek hospitality. And Celestyal truly embodies it. Literally the best service I’ve ever experienced on a cruise. So much so that I actually made friends with the staff and we now all follow one another on social media.

Diane Kochilas’ Tasting Menu Is The Best Cruise Dinner I’ve Ever Had

Diane Kochilas is a well-known expert in the ways of Greek cuisine. And Celestyal Cruises has an entire six course tasting menu designed by her, just for them. Enjoy fresh takes on traditional Mediterranean dishes with a perfectly paired wine selection. Over the course of this specially designed cruise dinner, you’ll savor mouth-watering bites of octopus carpaccio, escallop of lobster, beef loin terrine and even a rose geranium dessert island with meringue and a honey caramel dome!

The specialty tasting menu isn’t the only food option on board, of course. You can enjoy meals at any number of restaurants on the ship. Do a casual buffet at Leda or Amalthia, stop by the Chef’s Corner at the Helios Bar, or get dressed up and head to Olympus for a fancier cruise dinner. Need a night in? Order room service.

The Specialty Cocktails Alone Make It The Best Cruise In The Mediterranean

With a brand name like Global Debauchery, it was only fitting that I made sure I taste-tested the Specialty Cocktail of the Day, well… every day. Honestly, they were all exceptionally delicious. What could be better to cruise the Mediterranean?

I particularly enjoyed Oia Waves—a mix of Vodka, apricot Brandy, orange, pineapple, and pomegranate juice. And, though Gin is typically not my liquor of choice, I even enjoyed all the Gin-based cocktails, like the Mykonos Dusk and the Mystic Ephesus!

Grab your specialty cocktails at their Helios, Horizons, or Thalassa Bars, or at their Eros or Muses Lounges. Or—if cocktails aren’t your thing—do a wine tasting and cheese pairing at Olympus. (Where I ended up buying two bottles of Dom Perignon for $150… total!)

7 Days of Non-Stop Cruise Entertainment

The entertainment Celestyal offers is top-notch, and you better believe I gave my best efforts to have all the fun. There was a different show two times per night, every night in the Muses Lounge—from musicals to cabaret to acrobatics. Get in on the action with dance classes, Bingo, Ping Pong tournaments, trivia, language lessons, and towel-folding and ice sculpture demonstrations. Kids can wear themselves out at the arts and crafts classes or Mini Disco, while adults can dance the night away at the adult disco.

And did I mention the spa? Yeah. That, too. Celestyal’s spas offer any spa service you could ask for, and then some. Get a massage, have a facial, even get your teeth whitened. I cashed in on their “free facial with any massage booking” offer and enjoyed a luxurious hour of pampering. A great way to spend my At-Sea Day.

The Multi Country Cruise Itinerary Makes It the Best Cruise In the Mediterranean

The truth is that—while there is enough food, drinks, and on-board entertainment to never leave the ship, ever—Celestyal Cruises’ day excursions are certain to make sure you’ve not only had the time of your life, but absolutely exhausted yourself as well. One of the things that drew me to Celestyal in particular was its shore excursions focusing on the culture and history of its cruise ports. There’s a time and a place for your standard Caribbean booze cruise, but Celestyal gives you an incredible travel experience. If you’re looking for a unique and different cruise type, Celestyal is it.

I opted for a different on-shore excursion every day of my cruise in the Mediterranean. And yes, I completely exhausted myself. But I regret nothing. I saw the pyramids of Giza and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I set foot in Palestine and did a wine tasting with an 800-year old wine press in Cyprus. I hiked a fortress in Rhodes and visited a UNESCO Heritage Site with one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Turkiye. You simply can’t experience this on just any cruise. But you can on Celestyal’s multi country cruise.

The Company Makes This the Best Cruise In the Mediterranean

Of all the Mediterranean cruises there is to choose from, Celestyal is a mid-sized cruise company. And this was probably the best gift they could have given me. Celestyal’s cruise ships are smaller than these massive, commercial cruise liners and—because of that—I actually got to meet people during my vacation. And run into them again on an excursion or at dinner or having drinks.

I always say that traveling solo doesn’t mean you’re alone, and this trip—not only was I not alone—I made friends.

Celestyal Cruises multi country cruise friends!

Where To Stay For Your Cruise In The Mediterranean

In Athens, Ergon House

Many people departing for cruises in the Greek Isles or in the Mediterranean will be embarking from Athens and will want to spend some time in the city before or after. For you, I recommend Ergon House. Located in Plaka, the historical center of Athens, Ergon House is also within walking distance to two more of Athens’ vibrant neighborhoods—Monastiraki and Syntagma.

While Ergon House has clean, beautiful rooms and great service, what makes Ergon House particularly cool is that it actually sits above a bistro and agora (or market) that are part of the property. It’s a food-lover’s paradise, where you can dine at the restaurant, grab a coffee, shop the bakery or deli, or even order room service.


In Piraeus, The Port Square Hotel

For those of you who’ve done Athens before and/or are making an immediate getaway for your 3 continent Celestyal cruise, I recommend The Port Square Hotel in Piraeus.

Piraeus is your actual port city out of Athens, and this hotel is a quick Uber or Free Now ride from your port. Best of all, The Port Square Hotel sits right at a metro and train entrance should you choose to explore. I found the service excellent and the rooms to be modern and fresh. There’s an on-site bar and restaurant and a heated outdoor seating area.


Celestyal’s 3 Continents Is Hands Down The Best Cruise In The Mediterranean

If you were to ever ask me, “What cruise line is the best?” my reply—without hesitation—will be Celestyal Cruises. If you’re looking to cruise Greek Islands, cruise in the Mediterranean, or do a multi country cruise, Celestyal’s got you covered. For me, the 3 continent, 7 day cruise was everything I could’ve asked for… and more. It was a truly rewarding and fulfilling trip, and I could only wish that every vacation I went on was a good as this one. Honestly.

Huge thanks to the Celestyal team and staff for such a fun and memorable experience. Μπράβο!

Celestyal Cruises Contact Information

Celestyal Cruises vertical logo

Celestyal Cruises World HQ |
8 Antoniou Ampatielou and Akti Miaouli, 18536 Piraeus, Greece
Tel. +30 211 1995176 | Reservations +30 211 1995692
Monday to Friday: 9:00–18:00 (EET)

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