7 Unique Romantic Destinations in Europe

Main Street in Avignon, France

So… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and romance is in the air. Imagine yourself strolling the streets of Paris or Rome, canoodling, wining, and dining with your special someone under the sunset. They’re both beautiful places that exude romance, but how about some lesser-known options for your romantic weekend getaways?

Global Debauchery gives you its top unique romantic destinations in Europe to daydream about. (And hopefully visit one day.)


1. Furnas, Sao Miguel

Located right in the middle of Sao Miguel island in the Portuguese Azores is the charming village of Furnas. Famous for its hot springs and Terra Nostra gardens, it makes for the perfect romantic getaway.

A small chapel sits on Lagoa das Furnas, a crater lake in the middle of a protected forest. The Chapel of Our Lady of Victories was built in honor of a local landowners’ wife after she fell tragically ill, and it looks like something out of a fairytale. Behind the chapel, you can take a leisurely walk through the forest, where you’ll find a picturesque waterfall.

Chapel of Our Lady of Victories Church in Furnas, Sao Miguel
Furnas waterfall in Sao Miguel, Azores

2. Monaco

Okay, okay. So, Monaco might be an obvious romantic location choice to the experienced traveler, but lots of people are so focused on the French Riviera or mainland Italy that they completely forget about this little enclave wedged right between the two.

Couples can enjoy sherbert-colored homes stacked on the Monaco cliffside, all the way from the water’s edge to the very top of the town. Admire the glitzy cars and yachts and spend some time at the famed Monte Carlo Casino for a fun night out.

Monaco church and train station
Yachts in Monaco
Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

3. Sozopol, Bulgaria

Bulgaria, you say? Yes. Bulgaria. Specifically, the medieval village of Sozopol.

I fell in love with the Black Sea coastline after staying here a couple years ago. Deep, teal waters with beautiful beaches, your choice of sandy or rocky shores. Ancient wooden churches and homes, and quaint marketplaces. Bulgaria’s coastline is the hottest new vacation destination for native Europeans that Americans have no idea about.

Their little secret… until now. And did I mention how cost-effective this town is? Mm hmm. For a ritzier Bulgarian experience, head north up the coast to Varna.

Sunset over the Black Sea in Sozopol, Bulgaria
Black Sea in Sozopol, Bulgaria

4. Capri, Italy

Forget Rome and Venice! Head to Capri for your romantic getaways. (Okay, don’t forget them, just go to this gorgeous little island while you’re visiting.)

Aside from its obvious natural beauty, there are a lot of things to do in Capri. Eat, take a boat tour, eat, visit the famous Blue Grotto. Eat at any of the world restaurants, and visit Villa Jovis (the Roman palace built by Emperor Tiberius) or Castello Barbarossa (an archaeological ruin). Then eat some more. Spend some time at a romantic beach and definitely go shopping in the city. Then eat again.

Capri is a short ferry ride out of Naples, but you can also catch a ferry there directly from Rome for a little more of a time investment. If you’re with a cruise, Capri is a perfect day trip option!

Capri, Italy coastline
Sunset in Capri, Italy
Church in Capri, Italy

5. Islay, Scottish Isles

Oh, Islay. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Islay is one of the main scotch hotspots in the Scottish Isles boasting multiple deliciously peaty scotch distilleries. And it’s something a little different for romantic places in Europe.

A gorgeous, green little island gem, take some time and bike to the beach, tour a distillery, or visit the peaceful Kildalton church and cemetery. If you really want to soak up the Islay experience, pour a touch of Laphroaig in your porridge like the locals do… supposedly. (That’s what they told us, anyway…)

Islay coast, Scottish Isles
Kildalton Church and Cemetery in Islay, Scottish Highlands
Laphraoig Distillery in Islay, Scottish Isles

6. Avignon, France

Awe, Avignon. Filled with the fragrance of lavender. Lined with pretty little churches and gardens.

Avignon is perfect for couples looking to have a French meal at the main square and enjoy a carousel ride just like they do in the movies. Take a stroll along the Rhone and watch the sun set with your significant other.

Whatever you do, though, don’t let Paris and the Riviera outshine this lovely romantic getaway town.

Main Street in Avignon, France
Pretty balcony in Avignon, France
Church facade in Avignon, France

7. Kotor, Montenegro

Everyone’s in love with Croatia right now. And why wouldn’t they be?

It’s tiny neighbor Montenegro, however, is on the up-and-up, so it’s imperative you visit this beauty ASAP. Kotor, a UNESCO heritage site, is nestled in the middle of the mountains on the Kotor Bay. Take a bus (via twenty-five treacherous switchbacks!) up to an impressive overlook, or make the hike up to San Giovanni Castle.

However you decide to spend your time there, you’ll find Kotor is the perfect place for a little romance.

Kotor, Montenegro clock tower
Kotor, Montenegro Old Town building

More Romantic Destinations In Europe?

When considering romantic places for couples, don’t forget the little guys. You’ll collect a lifetime of memories and all the romance your heart desires. What are your favorite lesser-known romantic destinations in Europe? Comment away so I can add them to my to-visits. See ideas for romantic getaways in the United States, too!

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