The Sweetest B&B In Old San Juan: Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast

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I went to San Juan with the mission of rescuing street puppies and flying them back to DC for adoption. An area animal shelter was running a program they called the “100 Puppy Project.” They’d fly folks down and back for free and, in return, you’d escort these pups on your return flight. The catch was that you’d stay in Puerto Rico for however long on the front end. (Just terrible, I know!) And this is how I would discover Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast, the sweetest little B&B in Old San Juan.


An Award-Winning B&B In Old San Juan

When a place is rated 10 out of 10 on, you notice. And then it’s won five “Traveler’s Choice” badges from TripAdvisor. I started reading a little more about this B&B in Old San Juan, and it just spoke to my soul.

Casa Sol is located right in the heart of old town, with its zillions of colorful buildings and cobbled streets. Literally a block off the coast, and between Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal.

The owners, Eddie and Tisha, have made sure their place is super eco-friendly, they source all local food, and they even have a resident rescue pup who greeted me every morning—Oreo. What’s not to love?

Casa Sol’s Relaxing Rooms

Casa Sol has five rooms—one of which has two levels—and they’re all pleasantly decorated with local artwork and furnishings. While updated with USB plugs and central air, much of the building’s original Spanish Colonial style has been retained.

The rooms are small, with high ceilings, but are as cool and comfortable as one could ask for. Each morning, the neighborhood roosters would march down the sidewalk just outside my wooden doors. I, personally, found this totally endearing; it just added to the whole experience.

By the end of my stay, I’d made it my routine to spend the mornings just wandering the hills of Old San Juan, looking around, taking photos. Then, I’d retreat to my air conditioned room for an afternoon nap and some work. I slept through most of the nights there… and I don’t sleep very well anywhere, ever.

Eddie’s Extraordinary Breakfasts

Let me tell you—Eddie makes a mean breakfast. I looked forward to the “breakfast” part of my B&B stay every day I was there. Each morning was something new. And delicious. In typical Jordan fashion, I was early. Every day. But the staff was so incredibly kind.

I received unlimited coffee refills with frothed milk, and a selection of fresh fruit. The fruit was usually followed by some kind of pastry. My favorite was a sort of cake, filled with guava, and coated with powdered sugar. (“Your favorite,” Marco the waiter would say when he served it.)

Then came the entrees. They were lavish, they were tasty, and they were ridiculously impressive. Whether it was a sort of brioche Bananas Foster, sweet potato waffles with cherry syrup, or Eggs Benedict, Casa Sol style. Other breakfasts included a traditional San Juan Mallorca (ham and cheese in a sort of pastry pita), omelettes, and toast filled with eggs and cheese. Nothing was too crazy or over-the-top for Eddie.

And, while I stayed there for six days, I didn’t eat the same thing twice. They even have other breakfasts on their site, too—coconut pancakes and longaninza (almost a chorizo) and fried plantains.

I’d later find out his son is a chef with a food truck in the US, and it kind of makes you wonder which came first—the chicken or the egg.

The Greenest B&B In Old San Juan

I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I write that Casa Sol just might be the greenest, most eco-friendly B&B in Old San Juan. A community leader in sustainability, even.

When Hurricane Maria hit the island, thousands of residents were without power for months. But Eddie and Tisha had installed solar panels years earlier, and were able to generate enough power—not just for themselves—but for their neighbors, too. Power cords were run to nearby houses, laundry was able to be done, and medicines stayed refrigerated.

Since then, other area businesses have also installed solar panels. And they’ve created a network, with which they hope to be able to power all of Old San Juan, should they need it in the future. The story actually grabbed the attention of the Netflix series “Down to Earth,” starring Zac Efron, and Casa Sol was featured in the Puerto Rico episode.

Environmental practices are evident throughout the bed and breakfast, however. They have a recycling program, water catchment, and Nebia low flow shower heads, estimated to save 45–65% more water than normal shower heads. There was also a sign in the shower with a timer challenging you to a five-minute shower. And an all-natural soap and shampoo 2-in-1.

Casa Sol bathroom

A Recommendation for Casa Sol B&B

It’s clear when you’re staying at Casa Sol that Eddie and Tisha have put so, so much thought and care into every aspect of their property—from the rooms to the food to the building itself. And they’re incredibly kind and good people. And that makes your stay that much better, right? So, I’m more than happy to recommend this small business to anyone and everyone. Because I think it just might be the sweetest little B&B in Old San Juan.

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