Touring Eastern Europe v.1: Sightseeing in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Getting to Istanbul Before we get to sightseeing in Istanbul… I don’t typically do this for my journal posts, but for this one, I think it’s important. I’m beginning by giving some context around what sort of political events were happening in this region at the time of our visit. Because it does actually come […]

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Budget Travel Blog “Big World Small Pockets”

Big World Small Pockets in Petra, Jordan

Meet Steph Parker, Author of Budget Travel Blog “Big World Small Pockets” Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Steph started traveling at the tender age of 18, and hasnโ€™t really looked back since. From living in Latin America for two years, Australia for four, and having visited over 50 countries so far, Steph wanted […]

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30 Ways To Save Money On Travel

Money on a map, Christine Roy,

Discount Diva usually does a deep dive on one major way to save money on travel. Prior topics have included when to travel, where to travel, where to find your travel… and a bunch of other ways to save along the way (hotels, sightseeing, packages). I totally encourage you to peruse them on some random […]

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