Our Big Asian Adventure v.5: Visiting The DMZ

Freedom ribbons from visiting the DMZ

Off to South Korea!  Who says a travel day has to be boring? I have lotsof details to report! Today, we’re flying to South Korea and, later, we’ll be visiting the DMZ. The Taiwan airport is actually really nice (now that I’ve had “the opportunity” to spend a little more time there). Eva Airlines, who […]

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Big Asian Adventure v.3: A Day in Taipei

Taipei buildings

Getting From Macau to Taipei  Not a whole lot to report today, unfortunately. Mostly a travel day. Which should’ve been a lot shorter than it was. But tomorrow, we have a big day in Taipei. Our flight was scheduled midday. I tend to book flights earlier and then I feel all rushed in the mornings, […]

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Big Asian Adventure v.2: Hong Kong And Macau

Sonado Square in Macau

Visiting Tian Tan Buddha  Today and tomorrow, we’ll be touring Hong Kong and Macau. And today is Tian Tan Buddha day! It was indeed a long metro day and we were a little concerned about lines when we learned Easter Monday is a public holiday in Hong Kong, but all went well.  Lantau Island Tian […]

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