Top 10 Things To Do in Taiwan

Wulai, one of the top things to do in Taiwan

Now that we’ve had our big Asian adventure, I’m taking a breath to reminisce a bit. There’s no shortage of memories, either – sore feet, a metric ton of Pepto Bismol, and a list of pretty impressive sightseeing. I’ll launch off with some of the best things to do in Taiwan – plus a few […]

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Best Macau Tour of Your Life

busy macau street

Is the title a bold claim? Yes. Yes it is. But I think this one-day Macau tour can live up to it. You may think that one day isn’t enough to see all of Macau’s sights. You wouldn’t be wrong, exactly, but since Macau is mostly casinos, there’s really only enough non-gambling sightseeing to fill […]

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Whirlwind Asia Travel: A 15-Day Trip

Longshan Temple in Taipei

Need a two-week Asia itinerary that isn’t a mishmash of attractions? Something that wasn’t smashed together by some travel agency’s unpaid intern? You’re not the only one. Jeff and I did a sh*t ton of research on Asia travel for the best sightseeing in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and South Korea. We planned it, personally […]

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The Ultimate 7-Day Portugal Itinerary

The colorful streets of Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re like me and always looking for new places to explore, then Portugal is definitely a destination to add to your list. This beautiful country is home to stunning coastal towns, awe-inspiring landscapes, and my personal favorite—tasty food and drinks. If you’re wondering how to spend an epic week exploring and eating your way […]

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