The Vietnamese/Asian Squat, A Tribute

Homes on a Vietnamese river

Fitness experts all over the world rave about the benefits of squats. From strengthening your knees to improving your digestion, squats are one of the most revered exercises around. After some recent travel to Vietnam, I came home in awe, not just of Vietnam—one of the best places to visit in Asia in my book—but […]

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Troll the Best Travel Sites, Discount Diva Tip #3

Close-up of the Berlin Wall

We’ve talked about maximizing your savings through flexibility and up-and-coming destinations in prior posts, but what’s the next best discount tip I can offer up? Troll those travel sites, folks. Do your homework. Sign up for a couple travel newsletters, and get ready for great discounts. About Those Travel Sites… Many people lose out on […]

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Back at Basecamp 2: New Year’s Wanderlust

Cemetery Wall at George Washington's Birthplace

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and that big travel plans are in the making for the new year! I’d love to hear your top destinations of 2015, and your wanderlust dreams for 2016. Please email me via the Contact page or reply below and tell me what you’ve been up to. Back at Basecamp […]

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Wanderlust Inspiration Online & In Print

Church doors in Kotor, Montenegro

When you want to go everywhere in the world, how do you even begin to narrow down your next travel destination? You: (Yes, you!) Where do you get your wanderlust inspiration for your next big trip? I’m on a mission to collect everyone’s great travel resources and share it with fellow adventurers, and your input […]

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Go Off The Beaten Path, Discount Diva Tip #2

Rasnov Fortress, Romania

Your Discount Diva is at it again with more helpful tips on how to stretch that baht, lira, ruble, krona, what have you. Last post recap: Flexibility reigns supreme, and timing is everything. And timing really is everything. Which leads me to my next savings suggestion: Go off-the-beaten-path… before everyone else (and their dog) considers it. […]

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Back at Basecamp: What’s Back at Basecamp?

Tree-lined trail in Maryland.

Greetings, readers and fellow travelers! I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving and enjoyed some holiday time with their families. Maybe some of you were even able to get some light reading in over parades and football games. “Back at Basecamp” is an opportunity for me to touch base with all of you. The last […]

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