Back at Basecamp 8: Coronavirus Edition

Cherry blossoms with Jefferson Monument

This gets said every “Back at Basecamp” edition, but… gosh, so much has happened since the last one! I was going out, living my best life. I was traveling a lot, doing so many local things… and then… Welcome to Back at Basecamp 8. A Very COVID Back at Basecamp That’s right: it’s a Coronavirus kinda […]

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Back at Basecamp 7: Take the Debaucherous Poll

Rainy DC day

Phew. It’s been a hot minute since my last Back at Basecamp catch-up, and Global Debauchery has been a busy little debaucherous bee! Read all the happenings below in Back at Basecamp 7. But… first things first… Poll Time, Y’all! Love me a good poll. Help a girl out and answer two quick questions for […]

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Global Debauchery Is A Versatile Blogger Winner!

Versatile Blogger Award hero

You Read Correctly: Global Debauchery Won a Versatile Blogger Award! So, what is a Versatile Blogger Award, anyway? Well, it’s not some fancy blog award sponsored by Lonely Planet, but it is a really nice gesture within the blogosphere. Travel bloggers nominate other bloggers So, what is a Versatile Blogger Award, anyway? Well, it’s not […]

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Enter Global Debauchery’s First Ever Giveaway!

Wall of framed photos

Yay! Welcome to Global Debauchery’s first ever giveaway! Enter to win an all-original, framed and matted Global Debauchery print.* Choose one of the following photos taken by yours truly; then, wait for its arrival on your doorstep. Just complete the 5 simple steps below to be considered. (Click to enlarge.) 1. Like the Global Debauchery […]

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Back at Basecamp 6: What’s My Next Feature?

Washington DC Metro

Wow! Is it that time again already? I guess so. Welcome to Back at Basecamp 6, where you can catch all the most recent updates on what’s happening with Global Debauchery. Moi importante. Last Feature If you haven’t already, peruse my latest travel feature “Trekking the Atacama, With a Side of Santiago” a two-part series […]

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Back at Basecamp 4: A Spring Edition

Global Debauchery Back at Basecamp

Some of you may have noticed that I took a couple weeks off from Global Debauchery in March. No, I definitely did not get bored with it (I love it!), though that would be very much like me—to get bored with something after only a few months. After our Copenhagen and Stockholm trip, I just […]

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Blog Envy & Travel Inspiration

Meantime Meanderings Blog Envy and Travel Inspiration

If you’re as restless as I am, you probably always need something to look forward to in life. For me, it’s always the next destination, the next experience, the next big trip. I’m always in dire need of travel inspiration. Right now, I’m waiting on the latest Yellowstone, Tetons, and Glacier books to release from […]

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Global Debauchery is a Liebster Award Winner!

Liebster Award

It’s true: Global Debauchery won a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers by other award-winners in an effort to recognize up-and-coming talent in the blogosphere. They provide that extra “oomph” of exposure and build a supportive online community. Thank you so, so much to Virginia and Enrique of Travelling and Dreaming for seeing something special […]

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My Personal Travel Rites of Passage

Connemara, Ireland

Some time ago, I was forwarded James Kay’s Lonely Planet article, “The Traveller’s Classic Rites of Passage” and asked which of these rites I, personally, have encountered in my explorations. The answer is all of them. “Reader’s Requests” came to life shortly after and, well, telling those tales on this forum seemed a perfect fit. […]

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