Hotel Paso Del Norte: The Best Of The Best Hotels In El Paso, TX

The Dome Bar ceiling in Hotel Paso Del Norte, the best of the best hotels in El Paso, TX

It was fated that I should stay at Hotel Paso Del Norte for my short stop in El Paso. As soon as I saw it, I just knew that was the place. The more I read about it, the more convinced I became it was a quintessential Global Debauchery hotel. And as luck would have it, the stars would align and I’d be granted my stay, for one blissful evening. I can now say, without a doubt, it’s truly the best of the best hotels in El Paso, TX. I can’t express enough thanks to Hotel Paso Del Norte for having me, and for making my stay an absolutely exceptional one.


The Jaw-Dropping History Of Hotel Paso Del Norte

It’s funny because El Paso, TX’s Hotel Paso Del Norte has so much extraordinary history, it almost leaves me speechless. Almost. And, as you know, I’m rarely at a loss for words.

It’s a 108-year-old hotel. Do you even know what that means in this part of the United States? It literally means that the site of this very hotel shifted ownership back and forth between Mexico and the United States for a period time. And it literally means that Pancho Villa sat and had drinks on the 10th floor rooftop while watching the Mexican revolution play out. Not even kidding.

To stay at this El Paso hotel is both an honor and a privilege. It’s an integral part of El Paso’s history and, if you learn anything when you stay in this city, it’s that its residents truly love their city.

Preserving The Best Of The Best Hotels In El Paso, TX

It’s no surprise that, in a time of mass revitalization in downtown El Paso, a major corporation like Marriott would swoop in and take Hotel Paso Del Norte under its wing. And not just as any Marriott. As part of its Autograph Collection. (You know how I love a good boutique hotel.)

A huge majority of the historic buildings in downtown El Paso were designed by one architect in particular—Henry Trost. And his aesthetic becomes clearly evident the more you stroll around downtown El Paso. Hotel Paso Del Norte is one of these gorgeous specimens. And the owners have done everything it can to ensure Trost’s original vision for the property stays intact.

The exterior remains an exact representation of its original self, and the lobby stays laden with marble. It’s almost a hall of mirrors. One of the most notable features of the building is a 25-foot Tiffany-style glass dome crowning its main gathering area.

And, while the building has been expertly restored, it’s also been expertly renovated, offering top-of-the-line rooms and amenities. Hotel Paso Del Norte is actually one of the first hotels in the country with a state-of-the-art air purification system, a huge comfort during a global pandemic.

Hotel Paso Del Norte’s Top-Notch Bar & Restaurant Options

Only the best cocktail and dining experiences will do for one of the best hotels in El Paso, TX, of course. And, as the closest hotel to the El Paso Convention Center (right across the street), Hotel Paso Del Norte offers four different options—The Dome Bar, Sabor, El Mirador, and 1700° Steakhouse.

The Dome Bar, a circular bar situated directly under that gorgeous Tiffany-style dome I just mentioned, was as relaxing and peaceful a spot for an end-of-day cocktail as I could imagine. And both the service and the company were so incredibly welcoming. I met and chatted with a few locals over a glass of wine and, in true El Paso fashion, they were kind, hospitable, and encyclopedias of El Paso history. Not open during my stay, but something to certainly experience if you can, would be the cigar lounge adjacent to The Dome Bar.

I had breakfast at Sabor and, while not usually much of a breakfast person, I was blown away by the simple omelette I had. It was simply a level and quality and tastiness you don’t often come across. And it’s the little things, right? Like getting an omelette “just so.” I. ate. every. morsel.

While I wasn’t able to dine at the steakhouse, I was able to get a sneak peak at El Mirador, which was getting its finishing touches for its big opening that Friday. (Translation: Now open.) I was told the space used to be an old electrical room. Thank goodness for someone’s vision somewhere because that space was going to waste as an electrical room. It’s now a super chic rooftop bar with exquisite views of the city, sure to be one of the top nightspots downtown.

Only The Best Rooms At The Best Hotels In El Paso, TX

Marriott doesn’t stop at the exterior and common areas, though. They make sure a complete luxury experience extends right into each individual hotel room, too. There are lots of times when you tell yourself that wherever you’re staying is just a place to rest your head for the night. But it’s the details that really make all the difference. And Hotel Paso Del Norte nails all the details, truly making it one of the best hotels in El Paso, TX.

Enjoy spacious rooms, and picture windows with views of Franklin Mountains State Park, Ciudad Juarez, and El Paso’s revitalized downtown. Sleep all through the night in their extra plush bedding. Log into your personal Netflix account on the TV while scrolling through some TikToks with the free WiFi.

They offered complimentary waters and Keurig pods, a complete sitting area, and a work area to boot. There were luxury toiletries available, a rain shower head, and a comfy Southwest-print hotel robe. All of this on top of the generally fun and trendy El Paso-style decor.

There’s More. And, There’s More To Come, Too…

From its central location to on-site parking; from the spa to the fitness center; from the pool to yoga; and, from the free airport shuttle to the concierge, Hotel Paso Del Norte leaves nothing to be desired. After more than four years of renovations, this hotel is opening its offerings on a rolling basis.

But don’t wait too long to book your stay. While the rates are incredibly reasonable at the moment, I wouldn’t expect a luxury spot like this one to keep that price point for long.

A Recommendation for Hotel Paso Del Norte, One Of The Best Hotels In El Paso, TX

I can recommend Hotel Paso Del Norte for your El Paso stay without hesitation. Whether you’re exploring the city for a few days, attending a convention, or just looking for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other, Hotel Paso Del Norte offers nothing but the best. And is, hands down, one of the best hotels in El Paso, TX.

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