Hong Kong at Night: 6 Fun Things To Do After the Sun Goes Down

people inside a club

Like most cities, Hong Kong has a bustling nightlife. And while hopping from attraction to attraction during the day is plenty of fun, sightseeing amidst neon lights has a whole different vibe to it. Hong Kong at night has a buzz in the air that feels like liquid energy in your veins. I compiled a small list of the best ways to experience it.


Where to Stay in Hong Kong

You might be out partying and sightseeing all night, but you’ll need sleep eventually. One great place where you can crash during the day is The Langham Hong Kong. If possible, ask about getting a room on a higher floor in order to avoid the noise of the city as much as possible while you sleep.


What To Do in Hong Kong at Night

1. Street Markets

While there are plenty of street markets open during the day (Graham Street being one), some don’t open until evening or late afternoon. These make for a great way to experience Hong Kong at night. Some open-air markets that have generally good reviews include:

  • Temple Street Market – lots of novelty goods, fun atmosphere
  • Cat Street Market – good for antiques
  • Stanley Market – beautiful tablecloths and embroidered clothing
  • Goldfish Street – its actual name is Tung Choi Street, but it gets its nickname from the goldfish they sell in bags hanging in front of stalls
  • Ladies Market – cute accessories, handbags, and trinkets

Keep in mind that haggling is a thing in a lot of these street markets. The first price they give you is usually going to be pretty high. Other travelers suggest pretending to leave as a good tactic to get the shopkeeper to lower the price without too much fuss.

Temple Street Night Market buildings in Hong Kong

2. Neon Lights

There’s something intriguing about the glitz and glam of neon lights at night that draws people in, like a siren luring sailors. Or moths bumping against a lamp, which is probably a more appropriate metaphor. I know I’m not immune.

Thankfully, Hong Kong is not lacking in that department. There are tons of places where you can find some very photogenic neon signs clustered together. One is the above-mentioned Goldfish Street in Mong Kok, and another is Jordan Road, which got logged in the Guinness book of World Records in the 70s for having the biggest neon sign.

man riding bike on street during nighttime

3. Nightclubs

What better way to experience Hong Kong’s nightlife than to check out the clubs? You can find them pretty much all over the city, but your best bet is to pick a club based on music preference. At least, that’s what I’d do. You don’t want to end up somewhere with music that annoys you pounding in your ears.

In general, though, I’ve heard some good things about Volar, which alternates their music lineup based on the day of the week (ranging from salsa to hip hop to techno), and Levels, which leans more towards EDM and has some amazing sound.

people inside a club

4. Best Skyline Views

One of the more romantic things about Hong Kong at night is being able to see the city’s bright lights illuminate the skyline. There are tons of different places where you can get a good vantage point. To list a few:

  • Victoria Peak – the tram that goes up the mountain runs until midnight, and offers a great view, day or night.
  • Hong Kong Observation Wheel – this nearly 200-foot-high ferris wheel gives a 20-minute ride for HK$22 (half-price for kids and older people). It’s located at the Central Waterfront Promenade, and each ride goes around three times.
  • Rooftop bars – Pretty much any rooftop bar in Hong Kong near the bay will have a good view.
  • Suicide Cliff – nighttime hikes have gained somewhat in popularity, and Suicide Cliff (named for the sheer drop at its peak) has some of the best views in the city. It has a few different observation points, so you don’t have to go all the way to the top for some breathtaking scenery. (Good news for my feet.)
Hong Kong Promenade at night

5. Unique Nighttime Tours

If you’re new to Hong Kong, a tour with a knowledgeable guide can serve as a perfect introduction. Some include an evening cruise to watch the Symphony of Lights, while others focus more on night markets and street foods.

If that piques your interest, Viator is a reliable company that I’ve used on past trips, and they have an expansive catalogue of tours to choose from. They do customizable tours as well, though they’re pricier than their pre-packaged deals.

Hong Kong night tour

6. Siu Yeh, Hong Kong’s Midnight Snacks

I didn’t know this the first time I went, but apparently Hong Kong has a tradition called “siu yeh.” It’s basically a midnight snack eaten from 9 pm until 2 am, most often some kind of dessert. In fact, some dessert shops are only open at night specifically because of siu yeh.

Tofu pudding is apparently a favorite among the locals; it looks like plain yogurt with brown sugar on top, but it has a nice, smooth flavor.

Siu Yeh, Hong Kong's Midnight Snacks

Alas, All Nights Must Come to a Close

Hong Kong at night is a truly unique experience, and I’d highly recommend anyone interested in city nightlife to check it out. If you enjoyed reading, I also have some fun lists on interesting liquors from around the world. Be sure to check it out and follow me for updates!

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