Café Buža in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cafe Buza, Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you ever have the pleasure of traveling through Southeast Europe, you’re sure to visit walled city after walled city. And they’re all amazing, of course. One of the most popular these days is none other than the Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia. And Cafe Buza is a must-stop bar there.

Finding Café Buža

Now, imagine you’ve hiked hundreds of stairs through winding alleyways to the top of said walled city, and finding an inconspicuous open gate. Above it, a barely noticeable, wooden sign that reads, “cold drinks.” (Very Alice in Wonderland.) Step through the gate and you’ve officially exited Dubrovnik’s Old Town… and ended up cliffside on its outer walls, high above the Adriatic.

Cafe Buza, Dubrovnik, Croatia

This would actually be the entrance to Cafe Buza, also known as Buza Bar. “Buža” literally means “hole,” and this is by far the best hole-in-the-wall bar I’ve ever been to… in the world. Because Cafe Buza sits on such a steep landscape, its “floorplan” is several narrow switchbacks of tables and chairs down the mountainside.

At the base of the cafe is a small, flat rock formation, a premier cliff-diving location for the locals.My #AdventurePartnerForLife, ever the thoughtful husband, timed this surprise visit perfectly, and we nabbed a table just in time for sunset. Be warned: it’s cash only, and the closest ATM is aaalll the way down the stairs near the entrance of the city. Yes, we did learn this the hard way. Well… Jeff did. I “held down the fort” while he trucked it down and back. God love him. A pretty spectacular afternoon, and one of my all-time favorite travel memories.

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