Best Restaurants In Wichita KS For Any Craving

Bar seating at Doma, one of the best restaurants in wichita ks

Well, well, well, Wichita. Aren’t you just a delightful little culinary surprise! That’s right, friends—you can find just about any kind of cuisine your heart desires in this little city. And it’s all delicious. So, while you’re checking out all the awesome things to do there, be sure to pitstop at these best restaurants in Wichita KS for any craving. (Plus a couple of drink spots, too.)


Where to Stay When You Visit

First things first—where to stay while you’re taking in all that is Wichita’s awesomeness. I recommend the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. This little gem sits right on the river in the middle of downtown and is celebrating its hundredth anniversary in 2022.

It pretty much has everything, and then some—breakfast is included, but dinner is also included; indoor pool and hot tub, plus an outdoor hot tub; and, did you know this? Every evening they have a cocktail hour where you can get three free drinks. Not one, not two, but three. I mean… in my book, that’s a done deal. (Drury, you just earned yourself a new loyal customer. Just sayin’.)

Reverie Roasters For Your Coffee Cravings

Aside from dishing out seriously good coffee and pastries, Reverie Roasters is just a viiibe. Tucked in Wichita’s Douglas Design District, this place has all the café ambience—local art, kick-ass murals, quirky tchotchkes, even a “library ATM” that spits out short stories by area authors.

To boot, this joint expertly serves up pour-overs, craft espresso bevvies, cold brews, and drip coffee. Technically a “non-restaurant,” Reverie Roasters nevertheless deserves a spot on the list of best restaurants in Wichita KS to satisfy those coffee cravings.

Homegrown, One Of The Best Restaurants In Wichita KS For Your Brunch Cravings

Awe, Homegrown. What better way to start your day than at this itty bitty eatery with a gigantic heart? Homegrown’s motto is “Bee Kind” (yes, “bzzz-Bee”). More specifically, “[They] believe that if we help each other start the day right, we will also awaken a contagious chain of positive acts that cultivate kindness throughout the community.” Lovely, right?

And it’s really clear that their food is made with all the love they have to give. Homemade pop-tarts, cage-free eggs, just plain. thoughtful. food. Simple, hearty, and fresh. The best kind of breakfast.

Ziggy’s or Dempsey’s For Your Pub Food Cravings

Never underestimate the goodness of standard pub fare, especially at Ziggy’s Pizza or Dempsey’s Burger Pub in Wichita’s quaint Clifton Square. Bonus that you can grab some Papa’s ice cream after and go on a little shopping excursion.

Three of our group ordered an app and pizza to share at Ziggy’s andwhile we ate very well and enjoyed every bit of it—we still had leftovers to box up and take home. They have that extra tasty, sweet European-style marinara, too. And only compliments from the rest of our group who hit up Dempsey’s for some beer cheese dip and Angus and Wagyu burgers. Mmm, mmm good.

Monarch, One Of The Best Restaurants In Wichita KS For Comfort Food Cravings

Oh, Monarch. You were extra delicious. Monarch serves up all kinds of #nextlevel American comfort food, like mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar, and burnt ends, loaded sweet potato tots, and goat cheese peppers. …And those are just the appetizers.

Worth mentioning, too, is their epic bourbon, whiskey, and scotch collections. Which seems particularly fitting since Monarch is located in the Delano District (basically the Wild West of Wichita once upon a time long, long ago). A+ all around.

Meddys For Your Mediterranean Food Cravings

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a Mediterranean food snob and have the benefit of José Andres’ Zaytinya right at home, so I was skeptical going into Meddys. My hummus and falafel needs to on. point. But Meddy’s did not disappoint. Not even a little bit. Great for folks looking for vegan or gluten-free options, too.

Absolutely order the hummus and try the buffet of different shawarma wraps. And definitely don’t skip those creative little baklava treats. They have all different kinds, like honey pistachio, brownie, s’mores, and apple caramel. “Get in mah belly!”

Dōma, One Of The Best Restaurants In Wichita KS For Your Latin & Asian Food Cravings

Dōma was indeed a highlight and special treat of our Wichita stay. It goes without saying that the entire space is super Instagrammable, but the food and cocktails were absolutely to die for. It’s seasonal shared plates that regularly change, so I can’t tell you the best of the best dishes to order, but we had braised pork bao buns, duck confit, white prawns with soy aioli, and flaming cocktails. Highly recommend for a good meal and a good show.

Photo Credit: Dōma (food shots)

Mort’s Martini & Cigar Bar For Your Nightcap Cravings

Yup, it’s another non-restaurant. But Mort’s needs to be on your list for a fun night out. Eat wherever and then go here. (Note: They do serve appetizers.) What they’re really known for is live music 7 days a week, their heated patio, a fun cigar bar, and an epic martini menu. Take your pick of more than 160 martinis or opt for any other standard bar drink and just have some good old-fashioned fun listening to the band du jour.

Satisfy Those Hankerings At The Best Restaurants In Wichita KS

Got a craving? Wichita’s got you covered. From killer coffee to Mediterranean and Latin and Asian cuisine. It’s all right here. Huge thanks goes out to Visit Wichita and their amazing team for taking us to all these incredible local eateries. We seriously couldn’t have asked for more from this awesome little city.

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