A Boozy Sunday Brunch In DC With Tinggly

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When Tinggly was looking for bloggers to review their “experience gifts,” I jumped at the chance. I’d seen them around here and there in the travel sphere but had yet to test out one of their gift boxes. So, this was the perfect opportunity. They recommended the “Experience the World” package for the #AdventurePartnerForLife and me, and sent us on our way! And we’d decide on a very typical Global Debauchery excursion, of course—a booze cruise Sunday brunch in DC. With bottomless mimosas. What could possibly go wrong?

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What In The World Is Tinggly?

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering right off the bat… what in the world is Tinggly? In the simplest terms… it’s a website that lets you gift experiences. 400+ experiences. 1- or 2-person options. And over 100 countries.

You go online, visit the Tinggly site. You choose an appropriate package for the occasion—a wedding gift for two, an adventure gift for one, or even a Mother’s or Father’s day gift. Then you have it sent to some lucky friend. From there, the recipient chooses any one of hundreds of possible experiences around the world. …And off they go!

Now, you can have this super cool gift box sent over—with a message and a fun little journal included— or you can have a voucher emailed. (Check my vid below.)

You should know, too, that the gift boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely eco-friendly. And, one Tinggly gift removes 11 pounds of plastic and offsets 200% of C02 emissions produced during the selected excursion. Pretty cool, eh?

Booking Our Sunday Brunch In DC

Because I was working directly with Tinggly through Wanderful‘s Women In Travel Summit, my excursion booking process was a little different than yours would be. I told them what types of excursions I liked and where in the world I’d be for the booking. I told them I have this random guy that usually goes with me on all my fun trips and tours (just kidding, he’s my #AdventurePartnerForLife). And, that’s how they arrived at the “Experience the World” package. Which arrived in the mail just a few days later.

From there, we got to choose from a selection of fun excursions. There was a downtown Segway tour, a nighttime monument tour, a Georgetown food tour, and of course, a Sunday brunch in DC… on the water! I told them our pick and they booked it for us. (You or your gift recipient would be booking your experience directly online after receiving your gift box or e-gift.)

experience the world tinggly package

Sunday Brunch In DC On The Odyssey

DC cruises are something that either everyone has done, or that everyone wants to do and just hasn’t gotten around to doing yet. And there are a few different kinds, too—sunset cruises, your standard booze cruises, and then there’s the brunch cruise. Which is pretty much one of the coolest spots to enjoy Sunday brunch in DC—on the water, with some of the District’s most iconic sights passing by. And this isn’t just a tourist thing to do. It’s also a special occasion type of thing to do in our nation’s capital.

The Odyssey departs from a pier on DC’s Southwest Waterfront. You get your picture taken in front of the boat on the way in. And you get seated just like you would at any other restaurant (only this restaurant has all waterfront views). Our waiters kept our glasses filled at all times and let us know when it was our turn to grab our food from the buffet. The food was tasty and offered unlimited portions. And the DJ kept the party mood in full swing for the entire boat ride. …Did I mention the views?

Yes. The views were exquisite. You’ll pass by a number of DC highlights, including the Arlington Memorial Bridge, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, Watergate, and the JFK Performing Arts Center. The DJ narrates them all while you relax and enjoy your mimosas.

My Sunday Brunch In DC With Tinggly

Our Odyssey brunch was great. I’ve been making a point of exploring different things to do in my own hometown, and it was definitely something fun and interesting to do in DC. And I really like Tinggly’s angle of gifting experiences, not things. The gift box and journal were really fun to receive and, aside from some back and forth on which tour we wanted to participate in, everything was pretty “smooth sailing.”

Are you familiar with Tinggly? Would you gift an experience to a friend or a loved one? Comment away below or reach out directly via my Contact page.

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