Drinks Around the World in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Drinks Around the World

Okay, okay… I know this post might project otherwise, but believe me when I say the #AdventurePartnerForLife and I are not alcoholics. We just work really hard at our day jobs, and we happen to play equally hard. We typically depart from our trips after working full days and, between tying up last-minute professional details, making sure the furbies have sitters, packing, battling traffic to the airport, parking, shuttling, checking in, and standing in ridiculously long TSA lines, by the time we actually get to our gate for our next destination, it can feel like we’ve just finished running a marathon. And we’re not even at our destination yet. It is not relaxing for us to get to take-off. (Anyone else feel this way?) The greatest airport pleasure we can brainstorm is a celebratory drink to take our stress levels down a notch, and to mark the start of another great adventure together. So, it became tradition. And we eventually titled the custom our “traditional pre-flight libations.”

Welcome to Global Debauchery’s pre-flight libations photo essay, as well as a few additional drinks from around the world. For up-to-the-minute debauchery, follow me on Instagram, too!


© 2016 Jordan Campbell. All rights reserved.


    1. Jordan

      Ahahaha! It’s the best way to get a vacation started! (At least for me.) 🙂 Maybe I’ll do a collaboration post with Drinks Around the World and you can pass some of yours along. Thoughts?


    1. Jordan

      Lol. We had not either! The locals probably thought our amazement was strange, taking photos of the machine and all. It’s super eco-friendly. They reuse the bottles any everything. 🙂


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