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At this point in time, most of us are well into a Coronavirus quarantine. And it’s tough to write about travel on a travel blog when, well… no one can travel anywhere. For all the negatives a global pandemic brings, however, there have been a few rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Like the extraordinary creativity and talent of personal friends and Global Debauchery followers being highlighted online. And, as most of you know, I’m all about the overindulgence of wanderlust. So, I’ve put together a multipurpose post for your enjoyment. Here’s a way to showcase incredible talent, support small businesses, and travel the world… all from home.

I asked a few folks from Global Debauchery nation to contribute to this post by telling me a little about themselves, their businesses, and where to find them online. And, wow, did they come through! While you’re virtually perusing their contributions and gawking in amazement at their work, we’re going to be taken away to some other part of the world together. #StayHome and stay healthy, and join me in the #WFH (Wander From Home) movement.

Go Clubbing in Ibiza with DJ Tony Phoenix

DJ Tony Phoenix posing against a fence

Wayne Tipton, also known as DJ Tony Phoenix, was exposed to DJing at the age of 14 while living overseas. He fell in love instantly. As soon as he moved back to the United States, he started buying equipment to support his burgeoning habit. By his senior year of high school, he was DJing small parties and youth event functions.

Wayne moved to San Antonio, Texas after graduating high school and immediately gravitated to the nightlife scene. After some small gigs and house parties, he got his first major residency at Revolution Room. He’s played at a number of spots since then, including Halo, Blu Nightclub, Salud, and Roxy’s Sports Bar. He now regularly plays at Bar America Friday and Saturday nights; Bentley’s Bar on Thursdays; and, at Tonic Bar on Mondays. Wayne also DJs corporate events and weddings.

The best part of DJ Tony Phoenix’s craft is that you can find him DJ’ing live on Facebook fairly regularly, sometimes participating in day-long mixathons with other DJs. For a good time during quarantine, head to Ibiza, and check out one of his spin sessions.

Go Antiquing in Paris with Tia Leah Creations

Tiana is a mom of two boys and a nurse manager by day. Her passion for restoring vintage and antique furniture developed five years ago after she sold a garage sale flip to a local socialite for a considerable mark-up. At the time, she was coping with assault-related PTSD, and turning an old credenza that one family considered useless into gorgeous piece of art inspired her. Since then, she’s been refining her artistic furniture style with mentor guidance, by embracing trial and error, and by joining the furniture painting community on social media.

Tiana loves to find styles she hasn’t tested out before and updating pieces into a mix of them—like farmhouse and modern, for example. She can be stubborn in her efforts to merge styles that others wouldn’t attempt to merge, but her efforts result in beautiful final pieces. Tiana’s goal is to become an influential leader in both the furniture painting world and her full-time career.

Travel the world, go antiquing in Paris, and give her Instagram profile a follow!

Get Some Culture in Vienna with Melony Dodson

Melony Dodson headshot

Melony Dodson attended Appalachian State University, earning degrees in Piano Performance and Music Therapy. She then graduated from the University of Tennessee with a master’s degree in Collaborative Piano.

Now, Melony is the senior Classical announcer at Knoxville’s NPR-affiliate Public Radio Station, WUOT 91.9FM. She is host and producer of the Morning Concert, as well as UT Concert Hall.

But it doesn’t stop there. She’s a choral accompanist at the University of Tennessee and a freelance music director working with places like the Clarence Brown Theatre, Maryville College, and Theatre Knoxville Downtown.

Melony is passionate about discovering new music and promoting female composers. She believes in the power of music, and how it can change how we view the world and others around us. Since the start of the Coronavirus quarantine, she’s been regularly sharing her classical piano talents live on Facebook for everyone’s enjoyment.

Travel the world and head to Vienna for the afternoon. Follow Melony’s Facebook page to see a performance or tune in to one of her radio shows.

Shop For Jewelry In A Marrakech Market with Free Verse Designs

After years of making jewelry for herself, family and friends just for fun, Sharon Potts decided to form an official jewelry line—Free Verse Designs. The current pandemic downtime has cleared the way for her to focus, once again, on her true love: creating.

Sharon creates whatever moves her using an ever-changing variety of mediums. Essentially, she uses whatever she likes best from her stashes of craft purchases and years of collecting. She also makes her own paintings and components that are later incorporated into her jewelry pieces. From self-worked, hand-painted wooden pendants to alcohol ink metal earrings, Sharon creates handcrafted jewelry and decorations of all kinds.

Travel the world to a Marrakech market where you can shop for original, colorful handmade jewelry. Go see Sharon’s pieces on Facebook.

Relax A Little In Kyoto With Breakthru Wellness

Teresa Papadopoulos is a Reiki Level II Practitioner, Wellness Coach and Certified Massage Therapist. She works with people to release blocked energy and calm anxiety, helps with clarity and promotes relaxation. Really, she considers herself a Human Body Mechanic.

Through her personal journey and with 15 years of experience, Teresa supports her clients in discovering their strengths and finding their paths to empowerment, especially during times of great transition. She uses all of her skills and experience to guide clients on an intuitive path towards their personal goals and desires.

Her personal wellness journey started in 2004 when she was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer. She was introduced to Reiki (an ancient Japanese “laying on hands” healing modality) and was forever changed. Teresa was made acutely aware of her ability to transform her own perspective on life and take charge of her self-care. She then became a Massage Therapist and went on to receive her Masters in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

Teresa’s sessions can be done online and are typically a series done over 3–6 months. Online group coaching will be available soon to support Self Care and build Resilience during these challenging times.

Travel the world to Kyoto, where you can take a load off with Teresa at Breakthru Wellness.

Shop Woolen Crafts in Ireland with The Knotty Knerd

Kate Wecker’s foray into yarn crafts was when she figured that the wrought iron railing on the stairs would make excellent anchors for a yarn spider web. She was correct. In fact, with just her rudimentary knowledge in knot-tying, she made a web strong enough to suspend her brother for fifteen minutes until her parents got suspicious about them playing so nicely together.

Kate’s still proud of that spider web.

In 2012, Kate was working the Utah Shakespeare Festival. They’d all been assigned radios with Muppet “call signs.” She thought it would be funny to make everyone a hat of their radio Muppet as a closing night gift. By the time she was on her third or fourth hat, several cast members suggested she open an Etsy shop.

She laughed. They were just gag gifts. No one would actually buy one. …Right? Closing night, she brought the whole collection. One of the actors scooped them up, photographed them, and emailed the pictures with firm instructions to open an Etsy shop.

So, she did. Much to her surprise and delight, people bought things. She started getting custom requests like, “Can you make a lab rat in a Master’s Degree hood?” No request too weird, I guess. Thus, The Knotty Knerd was born.

Kate recently launched an Instagram account to start pushing the chill side hustle into something bigger. Hopefully, she’ll be able to realize her dream of traveling around the country in a skoolie with her cat and too much yarn.

And, no, she still doesn’t feel bad for tying Nate to the railing.

Take a trip to Ireland for some woolen handicrafts and travel the world! And visit the Knotty Knerd on Etsy and Instagram to fund more spider webs for Nate.

The Knotty Knerd logo
Travel the world with Knotty Knerd muppet hats
Knotty Knerd debut

Road Trip the Northeast with T. Shah Design & Photo

Tejus Shah was fortunate enough to find that his love of photography complimented his love of exploration. Though he hasn’t explored the world to the extent others may have, he is absolutely a wanderer at heart. Tejus has always been attracted to the what’s around the corner and what else is out there. His curiosity leads him to take one more step, drive one more mile, take that wrong turn, or just keep looking up for a little while longer.

Based in Massachusetts, Tejus started photography in 2004, casually, to compliment his full-time profession—graphic design—with some product photography. But it wasn’t until six years ago that he really started taking it seriously. He fell in love with capturing landscapes, eventually learning why blue hour and golden hour were some of the best times to shoot. He also shoots individual and family portraits. But his favorite subject has been the night sky—from the Milky Way to the Andromeda galaxy. (Did you know every single star you can see unaided is bigger and brighter than our sun?)

So, travel the world. Take a Sunday drive through the northeast (or through our galaxy) with Tejus and follow his Instagram feed.

Instagram: @MyLandscapeShots
Order prints or wall art: Fine Art America

Wanna Travel The World Some More?

There’s a possibility we could be quarantined for a little while longer. If we are and, if people enjoy this post, I might do a follow-up with different businesses for everyone. Let me know your thoughts below.

If you’re interested in featuring your online talents and helping the rest of us escape reality for a bit, reach out to me on the side.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the myriad of wanderlust options. Please visit these awesomely talented folks on their social networks and help a small business during a pandemic. And, of course, much thanks to everyone who contributed!


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  1. Wow, this list of local vendors is amazing. It has the best of all worlds: staying safe at home, dreaming of future or past vacations, supporting the small business owners that rely on tourists, and shopping (I mean, who doesn’t love shopping). Great post!

  2. What a wonderful way to share other people’s talents! I really enjoyed the range of small businesses you included. I hope each one of them gets a boost from your kind efforts.

  3. Hi Jordan, I loved this article. All the activities you mentioned are a must and should no be missed by anyone. There are couple in particular that won my heart, the Marrakech jewelry and the northeast photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We were actually supposed to be perusing the markets in Marrakesh last week. Nice to know I can at least still buy some of the wares.

    1. Weeellllll, kind of. Lol. We’re just dreaming that we’re in Marrakesh while purchasing handmade jewelry! For now. 😉

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