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Big thanks to everyone who tuned into my live webinar for tips on off-the-beaten-path travel: “Beyond Selfie-Stick Tourism: Tips On How To Travel Deeper.” Thank you as well to The Nomadic Network who was awesome enough to host me. I hope everyone had as much fun listening in as I did presenting. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have in the comments below. I’m here to help.

Watch My Webinar

Everyone should see the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum at least once in their lifetime. But—once you snap the exact same photo that everyone else is taking—how do you really discover a given destination? How do you separate from the crowds and create truly unique and memorable travel experiences?

Join yours truly, an off-the-beaten-path travel pro, as I discuss how you can travel deeper and explore more.

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • What experiential travel means
  • How to incorporate it into your itineraries and your life, both at home and abroad
  • Where to find all the weird and wonderful to-dos
  • Helpful resources for digging deeper

Download My Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel PDF

Download a copy of my Nomadic Network PowerPoint with live links right here and let the travel research begin! Remember my challenge: Do one thing every trip that scares you. What’s it gonna be?

Did I leave anything out? Did you have a question we didn’t get to answer during the presentation? Let me know how I can further assist you in planning your next experiential, immersive, and/or off-the-beaten-path trip.

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