My Personal Travel Rites of Passage

Connemara, Ireland

Some time ago, I was forwarded James Kay’s Lonely Planet article, “The Traveller’s Classic Rites of Passage” and asked which of these rites I, personally, have encountered in my explorations. The answer is all of them. “Reader’s Requests” came to life shortly after and, well, telling those tales on this forum seemed a perfect fit. The article […]

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Where in the World is Global Debauchery?

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you’re at all a fan of Irish pubs, maybe you’ve encountered one named “Finn McCool’s” at some point in time. They’re everywhere—from New Orleans to Chicago to Philadelphia. But why is this name so popular? And who is Finn McCool, anyway? Irish folklore has it that Finn McCool (also Fionn mac Cumhaill, and Finn MacCoul) […]

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