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Welcome to Global Debauchery’s official Resource Center! It’s true. You’ll find the keys to the debaucherous kingdom right. here. Anything you need—from my favorite travel sites to coupons and discounts to the best travel gear—is outlined just for you on these few pages. And these pages are organic. They’ll continue to be refined and expanded and updated on a regular basis. All to ensure you’ve got the top travel resources at your fingertips on this blog. Still to come—inspirational travel resources and blogging resources!

My Favorite Online Resources

First and foremost in the Resource Center are my favorite travel sites. You’ll find planning tools, transportation and lodging sites, and vacay and tour places. You’ll find select discounts from some of the companies I partner with. And, last but not least, you’ll find the “official” pages for the Department of State’s travel warnings and entry/exit requirements, the CDC’s vaccination recommendations/requirements, as well as WHO’s added expertise.

My Favorite Travel Gear

Next, you’ll find all the actual gear the #AdventurePartnerForLife and I pack with, travel with, entertain ourselves with, etc. Those that know me well know I’m a light packer. Check out my all-time awesomest backpack, my travel-size everything, and a few emergency items that have come in handy for us more than once on the road. Also, catch all the tech I use on our travels—my camera, my laptop alternative, our AirPods WiFi gadget.

My Favorite Travel Apparel

I know, I know… I’m sorry. My favorite travel apparel is not sexy or cute. It’s practical and functional. They’re the basics that help me pack lighter and keep me moving. (But cute stuff could definitely be another post idea.) The listing here is reasonably comprehensive—my favorite (and most dependable) layers, favorite pants, accessories and footwear. Literally the stuff I pretty much always take with me wherever I go.

Am I missing something? Ideas for things to add? Questions? Recommendations? Hit me up.

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