Out & About Exploring Weird Places

Naturally, I’ll be introducing posts about my own personal travel experiences in the coming days and weeks—where I’ve been, people I’ve met, how I saved funds, how I wasted funds, reliable travel resources… etcetera, etcetera… For today, though, my focus is on what the hell we do with ourselves in the meantime. How about exploring some weird places?

Introducing Meantime Meanderings

One of my traditional tactics in “the pursuit of happiness” is to always have something to look forward to. For me, this is always having a trip planned. But what do I do to pass the in-between time? (“Meantime meanderings.”) Figuring out quick, inexpensive exploring options that give the illusion of foreign elements is of critical importance. …So, I research.

My persistent Googling has uncovered a plethora of excursion ideas that piqued even my own travel-snob interests. No expendable income? I’ve got you covered. No time off? Gaggle of children? Neverending social commitments?

Trust me: You will have no excuses left after investigating these awesome travel sources. And if you do, just live vicariously through Global Debauchery. I’m totally okay with that.

Where to Find Weird Places

If you’ve got a few hours to kill and are bored with the usual hometown attractions, if you’re sobbing internally every time an out-of-town visitor requests a tour of the White House, Niagara Falls, the Space Needle, have I got the site for you. Check out Atlas Obscura, the self-proclaimed “compendium of the world’s wonders, curiosities, and esoterica.” And what a fantastic compendium it is!

Pick any random country/state/province in the world and this site delivers off-the-beaten-path locales and downright strange attractions. Examples include the abandoned Willowbrook haunts of Staten Island’s infamous Cropsey and even a comprehensive Pez Museum just outside San Francisco. For all of my friends from Belgium: Who knew all the world’s knowledge was organized on index cards at the Mundaneum in Mons? Not I.

More Ideas?

I wish I could just win the lottery already and spend my days drifting from continent to continent. That just hasn’t happened (…yet). So in the meantime, it’s important that I’ve got some options to keep me occupied.

Maybe my fellow wanderers could use an in-between boost, too. If you decide to utilize these resources and “activate” these ideas (or even if you don’t), I welcome your comments, stories, and additional ideas! Just reach out.