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You Read Correctly: Global Debauchery Won a Versatile Blogger Award!

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So, what is a Versatile Blogger Award, anyway? Well, it’s not some fancy blog award sponsored by Lonely Planet, but it is a really nice gesture within the blogosphere. Travel bloggers nominate other bloggers they think provide inspiration, great content, and whose journeys they’re particularly fond of. Much thanks to He Travels, She Travels for the nomination.

The Rules of the Nomination Are As Follows…

  • Let other bloggers get to know you by posting seven things about yourself.
  • Thank your nominator and provide a linkback.
  • Pay it forward and nominate seven bloggers who provide similar inspiration for you.

7 Things To Know About Moi

1. I’m what’s called a “TCK,” or “third culture kid.” I’d say “commonly referred to as,” but lots of folks don’t know what a TCK is. It means you spent your formative years growing up in a different culture than your parents’ culture(s) or the culture of your birth country. There have been a lot of studies on TCKs with both positive and negative findings, but I mostly just blame my incessant wanderlust on it and go about my day.

2. I’ve been to all 50 states and 48 countries. Please note that I have very specific qualifications for counting a state or country as “visited” (airports don’t count, for example). More on my methodology here. By the end of May, I’ll have 51 countries under my belt.

3. While I don’t currently have a travel “goal,” I participated in and completed the 40×40 Challenge, forty countries by the age of forty. Had a few years left to spare as well. The #AdventurePartnerForLife has floated the idea of all seven continents, but his busy season at work is January, which makes one very specific continent—Antarctica—more of a retirement dream. For now, I’m trying to assist him with all fifty states. Not too many more to go, but the list does include exotic locales like… Nebraska and Iowa.

4. A true wayfaring lifestyle isn’t for me; home base required. Why? I have three rescue kitties—Esmeralda, Ophelia, and Persephone—and I can’t imagine not coming back to snuggle them! Sadly, they won’t fit in my pack. Sometimes I wonder how they’re doing when I’m on the road, but our cat sitter is nice enough to send photos. (Yes. I am that ridiculous.)

5. I’m a full-time creative director with a BFA in design and an MS in marketing. In many ways, these qualifications are huge assets for my blog, but I also periodically suffer from “blog paralysis” since everything has to be done “correctly” and “properly” and planned out from A to Z. Every now and then, I have to remind myself that you just have to start a project and perfect it as you go along; can’t plan for everything.

6. My travel style: minimalist flashpacking. I can pack for a weeklong vacation with only my trusty Kelty bookbag; I prefer overland local travel once I reach the first destination of my trip (trains, busses, walking, subways), and, nowadays anyways, I really enjoy a decent hotel to come back to. “In my younger days,” I used to carry a full pack and hostel it up. Depending on the trip and the overall budget, I’ll still do the random hostel. Some of the most interesting people I’ve met in my travels come from my hostel stays.

7. Travel is the one thing that always seems to give me inner peace. It’s not any one thing about travel either; it’s a lot of things. It brings me back to center and reminds me of who I am, how I was raised—growing up abroad, discovering and adjusting to the new place I’d just moved to, summer road trips with my grandparents when I flew back “to the States” as a kid. I’ve met so many interesting, open-minded, and inspiring people on my travels; I’ve even made friends that I’ve kept in touch with. I’ll see something beautiful in a photo in some faraway land, tell myself “I’m going to go see that one day,” and I’ll do it. These things exist all around us every day, but I’m still learning how to find that same sense of wonder without… going away. Lol.

Global Debauchery’s Versatile Blogger Nominees

Alright, folks. Nominees below. Share the love and enjoy. It’s been a real pleasure.

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  7. Mirela at The Travel Bunny
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