The Wonderful World of Global Debauchery

Freetown Christiania graffiti

I’m sure you’d be surprised to learn that I get asked all the time where I even came up with the name “Global Debauchery.” Well… Exhibit A below. Now, I promise you I’m not an alcoholic, but it is indeed true that one of my all-time favorite rituals is my airport beer. Right along with my flight champagne, lunchtime vacay beers, morning coffee, and afternoon macchiatos. (Real macchiatos, not a caramel macchiatos.)

The Genesis of Global Debauchery

“It was written” that my post-work, post-traffic, post-TSA hustle and bustle airport beer photos would eventually come to represent “almost boarding time” to my family. And the official start of a new vacation to me. The “traditional pre-flight libation” photos—as they came to be known—were dutifully posted to The Gram (of course) and a series of Facebook travel journal entries would quickly follow. Giving birth to a blog by the name of “Global Debauchery.”

Let’s Get Weird

As an only child and military brat who was always the lone-wolf “new girl,” I made it standard practice to boldly march right into wherever and just… be me. Sometimes they liked me, sometimes they hated me, but I was always fairly unapologetic about it. (On the outside, anyway.) If I was dubbed a misfit, I would be queen of the misfits, dammit. And when labeled one of the popular kids, I carried along with me a healthy disdain for mainstream anything.

So it only makes sense that, as an adult, I’d end up some strange breed of counter-culture traveler. I actively like lesser-known destinations, second cities, and off-beat sights. Street art everything, abandoned whatevers, and dark tourism. And that’s what you’ll get on Global Debauchery. If you want bikinis, ball gowns, and beach scenes with oversaturated orange and turquoise filters, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say I’m probably not for you. You’re more than welcome to be here, of course, but… I just don’t do that style of travel. (More about me here.)

So, Welcome To Global Debauchery

Your one-stop-shop for unusual destinations, unique takes on standard destinations, and all the valuable travel advice and tips for those places you could ever ask for. Plus, drinks. Lots of drinks. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy experiencing it and writing about it. Enjoy!

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