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One of my all-time favorite sites is Airportag! If you’ve never heard of it, you must give it a visit. It’s all kinds of fun, travel-related items—from mugs to magnets to bags to throw pillows. The designs are all super graphic, featuring colorful airport codes and inspirational travel quotes. The best news? I’ve got a 10% off Airportag promo code just for you! If you’re like me and love anything and everything wanderlust related, you’ll love this site as much as I do. And, if you have someone in your life that enjoys traveling, this is the perfect place to find that unique gift.

Your Airportag Promo Code

Use this Global Debauchery link to get 10% off anything on the site. Enter Airportag promo code 10TOPNEW upon check-out, and enjoy your new #wanderlustinspo wares! It’s that simple.

Wanna Save Even More?

Apply your promo code to open box deals, too. These items are up to 50% off and you can apply your 10% off Airportag promo code on top of that. A note that the open box deals are final sale and not returnable. Not that you’ll have any doubts.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Of course you’re going to see some of my favorite Airportag things. Let’s be honest, they’ll end up being your favorite things, too. Obviously, there’s a ton more stuff than what I’ve got here; I’m just giving you a little taste to whet your appetite is all.

There’s a massive country and city selection available, and just about everything is customizable.

London airport code Airportag throw pillow


London Heathrow Throw Pillow

Lionel Richie Airportag luggage tag


Lionel Richie Luggage Tag

Standing up won't help you get off sooner Airportag t-shirt
Standing Up T-Shirt

Dirty, dirty stuff Airportag pouch


Dirty Stuff Pouch

Boston airport code canvas from Airportag


Boston Airport Canvas

Please, only wake me for wine Airportag sleep mask


Wake Me For Wine Sleep Mask

For Good Measure…

Use this link for 10% off. Enter Airportag promo code 10TOPNEW when checking out. Happy travel shopping!


*This post has been sponsored and/or may contain affiliate links. All views expressed, however, are my own.

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    1. YES. This really IS the perfect site for anyone in aviation. For sure! Well, don’t forget your promo code! 😉

  1. Ahhh what a fun company!! I’ve seen their stuff in stores before and always comment on how great they are, but I’ve never bought anything. But quarantine has me online shopping like never before, so I may take advantage of your promo code 😉

  2. Wow, this an amazing site for airport-related things. And 10% off is a great way to buy some great items.

  3. Very cute stuff! Looks nice and fun. I would definitely like to have it for me!

  4. Amazing products, haha, the T-shirt really caught my attention and it is seriously going to look good on me

  5. I really appreciate the “dirty dirty stuff” maybe to deter people from peaking through luggage!

  6. These are actually really cute and funny travel gifts. I have to admit that I’m actually one of those people who gets up shortly after the plane lands…well, as soon as we’re allowed to anyway. My family are tall and flying is not the most comfortable..I want to be off the place asap! LOL

    1. Lol. I stand up to stretch, but have no expectation of going anywhere anytime soon. …I’m short. Haha. 😉

  7. These are really cool products, especially for travelers like me. The travel pillow is so cute.

    1. I love them! They have a whole bunch of different airport codes, too. You could get one for home or for wherever you’ve traveled to.

    1. I was just saying to someone that I always stand up as soon as I can to stretch, but I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon. Lol. Anyhow, there are lots of fun t-shirts! I love them all.

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