Discover Microadventures… In The Meantime

Great Falls Billy Goat Trail

We’ve got some new, wild and wonderful things to do and some bizarre sites to see, but what about finding adventure in one’s mundane, everyday surroundings? Our boy Alastair Humhreys has the perfect solution. This is a guy who’s trekked the globe 500 ways and has made a living speaking and writing about his travels. He even won National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year. But not for walking across India or biking the world… he won it for inventing “microadventures.”

What Are Microadventures?

Humphreys challenged our everyday notions of adventure. He encouraged himself and others to find discomfort in comfort and extraordinary in ordinary. And he brainstormed a variety of adventure ideas right outside our front doors.

His own first microadventure? To hike London’s M-25, starting at his doorstep. (For those of us in the DC Metro area, that’s like walking the Beltway.) Perhaps not the most exotic trip you’ve ever had in mind, right? But it did get him some free beers and new friends. And aren’t those some of the best parts of any given adventure?

A Year of Microadventures

Humphreys didn’t stop there, though. He later outlined A Year of Microadventures and asked that the rest of us join in. He told us to tweet back with the results—grab a map, point, go; climb a mountain; enter a race. Any interest?

It’s true. Those specific examples aren’t incredibly practical for parents, say, or even for my husband who recently had knee surgery. But here are a few that are… river swim, sleep on a hill, camp… Alastair has outlined a plethora of ideas, free from exorbitant expenses. They’re kid-friendly, can be done in a single weekend, by anyone, and at a broad range of physical activity levels.

The usual “no-time-off-work, I’ve-got-the-kids, it’s-expensive” replies just won’t pass the sniff test here. Get out and maximize your weekends with microadventures! …And then let me know how it goes, so I can blog about it.