Buy Vacation Packages, Discount Diva Tip #6

Monastery of Timios Prodromos in Stemnitsa, Greece

Those of you who follow my Facebook page are well aware of this Discount Diva tidbit by now: buy vacation packages. If you don’t follow the Global Debauchery Facebook page, you’re missing out! I’ve recently started posting great travel deals I come across for all the world to enjoy. Or, at least, for Global Debauchery followers to enjoy.

I Do Research, You Buy Vacation Packages

Friends have requested I keep an eye out on deals for specific destinations, and I’ve been dutifully posting them. Just leave a comment and off I’ll go! I’ll tag you directly when I track down your request. Really, this Discount Diva Tip should be titled “Follow Jordan’s Global Debauchery Facebook page.” …No? Too much? (But, seriously, you should.)

At any rate, I’m not talking about the packages where you book a flight on Orbitz or Expedia and they lure you in even further with a “discount” on a hotel or car rental if you book through them within the next week. I’ve done some research on this practice, actually, and travel consultants say those deals are neither here nor there. (One such example linked here.)

No, I’m talking about the packages where everything is included and you purchase it all in one fell swoop. The secret here is that travel agencies buy flights, rooms, tours, etcetera, in bulk and they’re able to save big with these companies, thus lowering the overall cost for you, the traveler.

Where Do I Go To Buy Vacation Packages?

“Where do I look?” you ask. Well, some of the pretty standard places, to be honest. They’re “standard” because they deliver. There’s no big secret here, folks. Keep an eye on Travelzoo and Groupon. They’re like the Eiffel Tower and Coliseum of travel packages. (You know, the places where everyone goes, but there’s a reason everyone goes there…? Yeah.)

You’ll come to find they use the same companies over and over again themselves. Companies like Gate 1 Travel, TripMasters, and Go-Today all make regular appearances.

Airlines often run vacation packages, too. Azores Airlines and Air New Zealand crop up from time to time with stopover deals that include hotels. The #AdventurePartnerForLife and I have booked packages through all the aforementioned companies and airlines—with the exception of go-today—and have had terrific experiences.

Save Even More

You can go a step further and add to your savings by opting for an independent package instead of a guided tour and save hundreds, sometimes thousands. Book a last minute, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday deal for even more great savings. Case in point, today’s featured photo…

The Monastery of Timios Prodromos in Stemnitsa, Greece on the Peloponnese peninsula. We booked a 7-day package that included roundtrip flights and lodging on Black Friday for $900. Yep… a week in Greece, everything included, for $900.