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This blog was actually started many, many years ago, but fizzled out shortly after its inception. I honestly have no sound rationale for why. It just did. Life happened and sometimes I have a short attention span. But I reinvented it on a new platform with some new material.

I enjoy writing, I love travel, and I’m a master deal finder. I was always being asked how I afforded my trips and where I found this deal or that deal. After posting daily updates of my adventures on social media, I received a lot of positive feedback and was actually just happy anyone was reading them at all. So, why not start a travel blog? I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and I hope it sparks that travel bug we all know and love.


What’s New?

What can you expect from the revitalized, Liebster and Versatile award-winning “Global Debauchery?”

Well, you can expect rotating interest articles about what the hell to do with your travel interests between trips, great cost-saving tips, original itinerary and weekend trip ideas, and unique must-sees/must-dos across the globe. You can read all about twisted tales of personal misadventure and hear from the periodic guest blogger.

Mostly, you can look forward to anything and everything that inspires us all in the ways of wanderlust.


All the Travel Blog Posts

A breakdown of my current post rotations…


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