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If you’re as restless as I am, you probably always need something to look forward to in life. For me, it’s always the next destination, the next experience, the next big trip. I’m always in dire need of travel inspiration. Right now, I’m waiting on the latest Yellowstone, Tetons, and Glacier books to release from the press before I can start planning anything more than flights and hotels (done and done).

As a general rule, my husband refuses to indulge my requests to start planning the vacation after the vacation we haven’t been on yet, raining all over my wanderlust parade. So, what have I been doing to pass the time? Gathering travel inspiration by trolling other travel blogs, of course, and seeing what everyone else in the world is up to.

Not that I’m trying to steer you away from my blog, but there are some pretty cool travel blogs out there in the universe. Maybe one day, Global Debauchery will be as awesome as these ones, and I’ll have boosted my country count to the kinds of numbers these guys are reppin’. (37 is chump change, comparatively!) All the Meantime Meanderings and travel inspiration your heart desires, below. Enjoy!

I Am Aileen

Aileen is basically a super young blog phenom in my mind. She was working in finance after college and quit her corporate lifestyle at only 21 to become a digital nomad. She specialized in online marketing, SEO, graphic and Web design, which is pretty much the entire skill set you need to be a wildly successful travel blogger. (Typically, those skills are like five different people’s full-time jobs, though.) Obviously, she has an insanely beautiful blog from a professional design standpoint, but on top of that, she’s written for Lonely Planet, Buzz Feed, and National Geographic, among others. She doesn’t have too, too many countries under her belt just yet, but she’s in her mid-twenties. Give her time; she’ll be passing me up in another five years.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt has been on the road for ten years and has truly made a way of life out of his travel blog. A staggering 80 countries have been checked off his list. I love the graphics, love the photography, and apparently, so does everyone else. On his roster is CNN, Time, The New York Times, Huffington Post, etcetera, etcetera. He runs a blogging school, a hostel, and a non-profit organization called the Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE). I don’t even know where he finds the time. But for the fact that he’s an admitted Dave Matthew’s super fan—bravo, Matt! I can overlook because your blog is amazing.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten was also in finance prior to her blogging days, and by all accounts, pretty successful at a very young age. (Finance must be miserable.) Her blog definitely appeals to college-aged and twenty-something females; my 20-year-old cousin is a big fan. It’s really clean from a layout standpoint, but has some super youthful, bubbly fonts and colors. It’s got some great interactivity incorporated and the ever-trendy parallax scrolling. Kiersten oversees an entire blog team and generates revenue across several channels. She’s worked with Travel Channel, SkyScanner, Expedia, Travelocity, and she’s been to fifty countries. She’s not even thirty yet. Go, girl!

Dan Flying Solo

Of course the obvious thing I love about this blog is the photography. It’s striking, it’s colorful, and it kind of seems like every image is just as great as the next. Dan was once a full-timer in the hospitality sector who gave up everything to travel the world. He took up photography and has now been featured all over the place—Travel+Leisure, BBC Travel, Forbes Travel Guide… the list goes on. Yes, I am a little #jelly. Definitely worth checking out.

Back To Buckley

I’ve run across Back to Buckley a few times in one of my Facebook blog groups, and I really like it. There’s a lot going on in the layout, but I think that’s sort of the intent. Every feature image is actually like six images with a type treatment over the top (that’s a lotta work!). There’s not much about Jess herself listed, but based on her About page, the blog is actually named after her pup, and she’s gotta be some sort of professional writer since she has a portfolio posted. It’s a young blog (January 2015), but it seems to be fully optimized with live feeds, infographics, and directories. Keep up the good work.

Castaway With Crystal

Crystal’s blog has such great flavor, how can you not love it? She’s got travel videos galore and tons of social feeds. She’s all about ecotourism and budget travel. Not as much world travel under her belt compared to some of these other folks, but tons and tons of great content on the travel she has done. I’m excited to read all about Crystal’s next adventure!

Sea Salt Secrets

  • I’ve done a few collaborations with Shane of Sea Salt Secrets over the last couple of months, and I’m really impressed with her blog. She’s got a clean, understated layout that still has distinct personality. For someone so young, the blog is actually several years old and appears to have started as a personal venture, as opposed to a travel-specific one. My guess might be that she discovered her love for travel along the way, and I’d bet that, if you culled through the archive, you might find that evolution in there somewhere. That alone is a pretty interesting journey to follow. Don’t forget to check out her “Gaga for Graffiti” rotations; several Global Debauchery contributions within!

Next time you’re between travels and are looking for some travel inspiration, be sure to check out some of these terrific sites. These folks are all experienced travelers with great advice on a myriad of countries, not to mention their blogs are easy to use and nice to look at (very important to the professional designer in me). After that, don’t forget come back and visit Global Debauchery!

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  1. If you’re into country counting, One Step 4ward has been to nearly all of them, and he’s pretty damn young…

    1. Oh, wow! That’s pretty amazing. Checking to see which seven he has left to do. I’d imagine some could be pretty challenging—even dangerous—to venture into. (He has an article on seeing someone get shot in Angola!) I’ll definitely have to check into this one more…

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