Back at Basecamp: What’s Back at Basecamp?

Tree-lined trail in Maryland.

Greetings, readers and fellow travelers! I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving and enjoyed some holiday time with their families. Maybe some of you were even able to get some light reading in over parades and football games. “Back at Basecamp” is an opportunity for me to touch base with all of you.

The last two and a half weeks of posts represent the full rotation of articles I plan to share. Moving forward, I’ll be posting an article a week with features and guest bloggers in the mix every so often. If you particularly liked an article and want more of it, if you hated an article and want nothing to do with it, if you have ideas for future articles, please… email me via the Contact page in the main menu. I want to hear your thoughts!

Just Published

My first guest blog! Read the article that’s received over 2,400 StumbleUpon hits in just a few days, “Five Lesser-Known European Travel Gems” on Bucket List Travel Club. Not only do I have the pleasure of appearing on this blog, but Bucket List Travel Club will reveal its own debaucherous travel insights for us soon enough as well. More details forthcoming.

A Poll Update

Over the past couple days, Atacama, Patagonia, and Machu Picchu have taken the lead with 46% of the votes. Siem Reap, Halong Bay and Phuket follow at 31%, with the Scandinavian fjordlands hot on their heels at 23%. I’ll be leaving this open for a week or two, so if you haven’t voted yet, please do so! Final results will be revealed in “Back at Basecamp 2.”

Next Trip

The #AdventurePartnerForLife and I just booked a long weekend in Denmark and plan to stop over in Sweden. Travel books are ordered, and itinerary is in the works. Countries 36 and 37, here I come! You’ll hear all about it in due time.


A dear friend of mine just blessed me with buddy passes, so… we’ll be figuring out what to do with those soon enough. Two discounted roundtrip flights with connections? I shall accept that gift. As graciously as humanly possible, giddiness [somewhat] contained.

Don’t Forget

  • Visit the new Global Debauchery Facebook page and give it a like. If you’re the overachieving type or are just feeling plain generous this holiday season, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. …Yes, I’ve been busy!

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