Back at Basecamp 8: Coronavirus Edition

Cherry blossoms with Jefferson Monument

This gets said every “Back at Basecamp” edition, but… gosh, so much has happened since the last one! I was going out, living my best life. I was traveling a lot, doing so many local things… and then… Welcome to Back at Basecamp 8.

A Very COVID Back at Basecamp

Empty store shelves from Coronavirus panic

That’s right: it’s a Coronavirus kinda Back at Basecamp. It’s probably safe to say that most of us are pretty anxious about what lies ahead, and many of our day-to-day lives have changed significantly. The kids are homeschooling, we’re teleworking, we can’t just go to the gym or a restaurant. And this is all stressful enough in and of itself. Then, most of our travel plans have been squashed. Which is what usually gets me through my stress, what I look forward to.

I myself am working through two trip cancellations—Paris and Amsterdam, Vegas and Death Valley—and I’ll likely have to cancel a third, too. Total. Bummer. Fortunately, however, I’m healthy. Many others aren’t. And it’s times like these that I have to remind myself what a privilege it is to be able to travel so freely. Crossing my fingers that this will pass all in good time.

So, now the question is… what do we all do in the meantime? Well… read Global Debauchery, for starters.

Recent Debauchery

New Look, New Me!

If you’re here on my site, you’ve probably noticed it’s undergone a little redesign. (Again.) Long story short, my prior design template (that I loved) is no longer supported technically. I was running into a lot of functionality glitches. And this would’ve surely affected my readers’ user experience. It would’ve gotten worse as time passed, too. Not acceptable. So, I updated it.

One of the changes/additions I’m most excited about is my my new Resources section. I’ve added my favorite travel sites, travel gear, and travel apparel for everyone to reference. It’s still underway and is a little glitchy in mobile at the moment, but that will all be fixed in the next couple of days. In the meantime, it’s functional and accessible to you!

Continued updates to come and I appreciate your patience. I know there are a lot of minor blips yet to be fixed with the new layout. But I’m working all kinds of crazy to get this up and running properly as soon as possible! By all means, though, shoot me an email if you come across anything wonky and I’ll add it to the list.

Recent Posts, Perfect for Quarantine

Recent posts that you need to catch up on (exactly what Back at Basecamp is for!)…

Meantime Meanderings… Back at Your Basecamp

This is what my Meantime Meanderings are—things we can do… in the meantime.

I’m actively posting just about every stay-at-home, travel-related activity I can find on the Global Debauchery Facebook page. I’ve also posted some #wanderlustinspo articles right here on the blog. While we can’t actually be on the open road, we can still stay inspired, right? And most of us can still find things to do outside.

Check out my recent “Best Travel Movies of All-Time” post, and the older “33 Travel Quotes to Indulge Your Wanderlust” post. Meantime Meanderings also includes enjoying our state and national parks or going on a microadventure. I’ll try to come up with some other posts and info that feed into this category… for all of our sanity.

Local To-Dos

Coming up, I’ll be writing posts on all local stuff I was up to. (Until now.) Hopefully, it will give everyone ideas for what to do when this has all passed. Not that we’ll need any since we’ll probably run out of our houses like insane people. But, there are lots of out-of-the-box things you can do in any town. And it doesn’t have to be DC, of course. They probably have similar things in lots of cities. (i.e., Back at Your Basecamp.) Breaking them out into cheap and not-as-cheap…


  • FREE: Caught a concert at the Pearl Street Warehouse. This was fun because it was in a new-ish area of DC and wasn’t so packed.
  • FREE: Snuck out to see the cherry blossoms at six o’clock in the morning. (Yes. We went before sunrise and before the masses arrived. I have been a very responsible social distancer.)
  • $7 per person: Went to this year’s Travel & Adventure Show! I met up with a fellow travel blogger in Blagden Alley for coffee. Then, I tried Szechuan Buttons at the Atlas Obscura booth. The dandelion-looking herbs taste super bitter. And your mouth feels all tingly and numb for a solid ten to fifteen minutes after eating it. Very strange experience, but not sad I tried it. (Shows in tons of US cities.)
  • $16 per person online: Cracked out at DC’s ARTECHOUSE, an immersive art exhibit. (New York and Miami have them, too.)

Not As Cheap

  • $24.99 per person/1 hour: Went axe throwing at Kraken Axes. They also serve alcohol, which is a great combination. And I hit a bullseye! …It was awesome.
  • $39.99 per person: Experienced Refinery29’s 29Rooms immersive art exhibits. (This also shows in New York City, Chicago, and LA.)
  • Starts at $49.95 per person/2 flights: Went indoor skydiving at iFly.

Look some of this stuff up in your area and see if you can’t run. immediately. there. when all the closures and shelter-in-place orders lift.

International Getaways

Yes, I’ve had a few international getaways, too. I’ll be gradually releasing these posts as well. What you’ll see in the coming weeks…

  • A week in Portugal, which includes Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais.
  • A northern Italy road trip that goes through Florence, Cinque Terre, Bologna and San Marino.
  • A long weekend in Bermuda. (Check my Instagram right now to see the gorgeous photos from there!)
  • A road trip across southern England, which has a couple days in London and a day in Cardiff, Wales.

Get Social

While we’re all stuck back at basecamp, don’t forget to like and share the Global Debauchery Facebook page. I’m on Twitter and Instagram also, so network away, peeps. Over 12,000 followers altogether! Come join us in the debauchery.

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  1. I am sure it must be hard for you right now. Hoping things will get back to normal soon. By the way, you have a great eye for photos 🙂

  2. I was just in DC in mid-March. I was eating inside the Mexican restaurant at the Navy Yard. Great post– be well and keep up the Wanderlust-ing! We all could use more inspiration in our lives.


    1. Thanks, Leesa! Stay safe and healthy. Love DC and can’t wait to get back to being a tourist in my own town. (That, AND world travels, of course! Lol.)

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