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Phew. It’s been a hot minute since my last Back at Basecamp catch-up, and Global Debauchery has been a busy little debaucherous bee! Read all the happenings below in Back at Basecamp 7. But… first things first…

Poll Time, Y’all!

Love me a good poll. Help a girl out and answer two quick questions for me. Then, enjoy some Global debauchery updates—what we’ve been up to, what’s coming, all that good stuff.

Eastern Europe & Japan Features

A while back, I asked if you wanted a feature on Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania or one on Japan, and happy to report in Back at Basecamp 7, now you have both. The prior was the big poll winner, so it was released first, honoring the wishes of my most favorite people in the world. (…That would be you.)

Upcoming New York City Feature

So many options! What’s a girl to do? We’ve got Scotland and the Faroe Islands, the Riviera and the Alps, the Azores, Berlin, a Pacific Northwest Road Trip, or Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. However… I think I’m going to share the #AdventurePartnerForLife’s very first Global Debauchery post! It’s true. The hubs had an NYC trip for work and, the whole time, he was thinking of us. Isn’t he the best?

(Adding a shameless plug for my Instagram here: You can see photos of all the places above and then some as I’m actively traveling. Just follow it. You’ll love it, I promise.)

The Baltics & Amsterdam

My holiday season was non-stop travel. Some for work, some for pleasure. From the months of November through February, I literally went to all of the following places: Austin, the Baltics, Tennessee, New Orleans, Albany, and Amsterdam. Most notably, I discovered my love for alleyways in the Baltics and am currently running Amsterdam’s awesomeness on IG (where I actually forgot my camera, so dumb). More to come as I catch up on endless blog writing.

Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei & Seoul

Where to next? That’s right—Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and Seoul in mid-April. A full two-weeker and, believe it or not, this will only be the second two-week vacation I’ve ever taken. I. cannot. wait. I will remember my camera (not like Amsterdam). In fact, it’s already on my packing list. Think… old towns, temples, night markets, and street art. So looking forward to seeing more of Asia.

Meanwhile, in Our Nation’s Capital…

“Meantime Meanderings” are abound. (You know, where I keep myself busy at home and fawn all over all kinds of wanderlust inspo. And then convince you to do the same.) You’ll soon be seeing a field trip to Washington DC’s Artechouse, which is just… too cool for words. In short, it’s a virtual, immersive art exhibit, which just so happens to include a debaucherous virtual cocktail at the end. #Perfect.

You may have also seen that Global Debauchery was the recipient of the “Versatile Blogger Award,” a little award passed on from bloggers to other bloggers. Thanks, y’all. What a supportive community!

Last but not least, and to tie up Back at Basecamp 7, I’ll be attending DC’s Travel Adventure Show in March. On one hand, I’m like… why do I want to go to a conference? Because I always associate conferences with work. But this one… this one is all fun. They’ll have all kinds of travel reps and educational travel materials. Supposedly, there will be a virtual reality experience and free Segway tours. (Sooo DC, by the way, Segway tours. In the worst kind of hypocritical manner, I wrote an article about being a tourist in your own hometown and specifically wrote about doing a Segway tour in DC, and um… I haven’t done one yet. This is the day!)

There are some pretty impressive speakers in the line-up. The author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Patricia Schultz, will be there. And did you know Andrew McCarthy—yes, the 80s actor—writes for National Geographic Traveler now? Lee Abbamonte, my personal hero, will also be there. This guy traveled to every single country in the world and both poles by the age of 33 or something, youngest person ever to do so. Now, he’s doing every constituent nation/area, whatever you call them (like Kosovo, Hong Kong, Greenland, etc.). Should be good. I’m really looking forward to it. And I’ll be shamelessly plugging Global Debauchery while I’m there. Win-win.

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