Back at Basecamp 4: A Spring Edition

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Some of you may have noticed that I took a couple weeks off from Global Debauchery in March. No, I definitely did not get bored with it (I love it!), though that would be very much like me—to get bored with something after only a few months. After our Copenhagen and Stockholm trip, I just needed a little down time to adjust back to normal life (always a sad realization for me). Since then, however, I’m back at it 100% and am determined to build my blog numbers to their former glory. So far, so good, folks. And welcome to your Back at Basecamp 4.

Back at Basecamp 4 Updates

  • Last month’s feature: For those of you that have followed the #AdventurePartnersForLife Momento adventures on my personal Facebook page, you can catch the latest addition on our long weekend in Copenhagen and Stockholm right here! Part 1 and Part 2. All of those journaling journeys will eventually be transferred to Global Debauchery, so you’d better get subscribed (top right sidebar). Don’t forget to confirm your subscription in your inbox!
  • Upcoming feature: Excited to announce in Back at Basecamp 4 that, scheduled for Wednesday, is an interview with philanthro-trekker, Jeff Rasley, on Nepal and the Basa Village Foundation (BVF). In addition to co-founding the BVF, Jeff is a retired lawyer and published author who’s now a U.S. liaison for the Himalayan expedition company Adventure GeoTreks Ltd. and teaches philosophy of philanthropy at Butler University. Join us to learn more about the amazing country of Nepal and about a very special foundation close to Jeff’s heart.
  • Collaborations: I’ve actually had several collaborations over the last two months and a couple more to come. Shane from Sea Salt Secrets was kind enough to feature me in, not one, but two more Gaga for Graffiti posts. One is already up and running, and the other will be coming soon enough. Make sure to click! They’re pretty beautiful posts. I’ll also be taking part in her Sonderlust Series with an article on Ireland and Northern Ireland. I participated in an additional collaboration with Klipdrifters Trail. Check out 20 Epic Jump Shots—Leap Around the World. As always, much thanks to Shane, and a big thank you to Lisa and Heather on some fun guest blogging.

The Usuals…

  • Reader’s Requests: I’m on the hunt for even more Reader’s Requests. Everyone’s had such great ideas and I’ve had such a fun time writing about them, I want more! Please email me via the Contact page and tell me what you want to see on Global Debauchery.
  • Blog directories: Got a couple more directory listings under my belt from Small Budget Big Trips and I’ve actually started a Directories listing in my menu, so feel free to click and check out some other awesome travel blogs!
  • Get social: Don’t forget to like and share the Global Debauchery Facebook page. I’m on Twitter and Instagram also, so network away, peeps! I’ve met a lot of new and interesting folks on social since the start of my blog and only hope the pool continues to grow.

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    1. Me, too! Did you read the special article I wrote just for you? 😉 “How to Create Amazing Itineraries.” I gave you a shout-out. xo

    2. Yes lol but I did a solo trip in May! Road tripped to Montreal and Burlington. I still appreciated you thinking of me. <3

    3. Uh oh! Oops! I forgot about that! Well… Berlin and Amsterdam are still a little further and more international. 😉

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