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About Me

Hi, there! Welcome to “Global Debauchery: A Blog Devoted Entirely to the Overindulgence of Wanderlust.

Introducing The Adventure Partners For Life

My name is Jordan, and I am obsessed with all things wanderlust. A military brat, I was born and raised abroad, moved frequently, and spent a lot of time road-tripping long distances. I don’t ever remember disliking my nomadic lifestyle and think I was always mesmerized by new places, new people, and new adventures. As an adult, I continue to feed my insatiable appetite for travel. A full-time creative director, I’m admittedly not brave enough to quit my day job and pursue my travel fantasies as a way of life, but I have managed to land a gig with ample time off and am constantly planning my next big trip. I’ve also landed a husband who’s crazy enough to join me in my hare-brained pursuits. With a craving for the road less traveled, a healthy sense of adventure, and a lot of laughs, we’ve dubbed ourselves “Adventure Partners for Life.”

10 Non-Travel Facts About Me

  1. I was a junior park ranger in Yellowstone for a summer.
  2. I have three adorable felines—Esmeralda, Ophelia, and Persephone.
  3. I’m obsessed with true crime.
  4. As a child, I wanted to be an author.
  5. I started college as a biology major.
  6. I finished with a degree in graphic design.
  7. I love kimchi.
  8. I hate cilantro.
  9. I have an epic music collection.
  10. I’m a horrible cook.


A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the “40×40 Challenge,” forty countries by age forty. Having checked the box for all fifty states, and after assessing this goal as a slight stretch within reach, I decided I was going to do it. Needless to say, I completed the challenge a couple years early and am currently at forty-eight countries with another few on the way. So, what’s next? I’ll just have to come up with another personal travel challenge, I guess. To see where I’ve been and what’s on the docket, visit my Destinations page!

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