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Hi, there! Welcome to “Global Debauchery: A Blog Devoted Entirely to the Overindulgence of Wanderlust.

Introducing The Adventure Partners For Life

My name is Jordan, and I am obsessed with all things wanderlust. A military brat, I was born and raised abroad, moved frequently, and spent a lot of time road-tripping long distances. I don’t ever remember disliking my nomadic lifestyle and think I was always mesmerized by new places, new people, and new adventures. As an adult, I continue to feed my insatiable appetite for travel. A full-time creative director, I’m admittedly not brave enough to quit my day job and pursue my travel fantasies as a way of life, but I have managed to land a gig with ample time off and am constantly planning my next big trip. I’ve also landed a husband who’s crazy enough to join me in my hare-brained pursuits. With a craving for the road less traveled, a healthy sense of adventure, and a lot of laughs, we’ve dubbed ourselves “Adventure Partners for Life.”

10 Fun Facts About Yours Truly

  1. My first flight was when I was two months old, from England to the United States. My mom says I cried the whole time, but maybe I was just getting it out of my system—all at once—for the rest of my flying days.
  2. I have three rescue kitties that I come home to—Esmeralda, Ophelia, and Persephone. The #AdventurePartnerForLife is outnumbered 4-1 by women in our household, but he loves us all… and our big personalities.
  3. The first time I traveled [sort of] independently was around the age of 10 or so. I flew from Brussels to DC to spend the summer with my grandparents, and was escorted on and off the plane by flight attendants. This was back in the day when you “got your wings!” Do they do that, anymore? I dunno.
  4. I’m obsessed with true crime. I watch Investigation Discovery on loop, have multiple docuseries—”Making of a Murderer,” “The Keepers,” “The Staircase,” “The Disappearance of Maura Murray”—saved to my Watch Lists, and have the beginnings of what can only be described as a serial killer library in my bookcases. I have no idea where this fascination came from, but I do remember having a healthy interest in horror films at a bizarrely young age.
  5.   Which probably also explains my interest in #darktourism. Anything abandoned, anything macabre, anything outright disturbing—count me in. Atlas Obscura is one of my all-time favorite travel sites; I check it for every location I travel to. This April, I’ll be touring the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. A lot of folks question whether partaking in dark tourism is “supporting it” or celebrating it somehow, but I just don’t see it that way. If anything, you’ll find they’re usually very sobering experiences.
  6. I’m a very creative person… who just happens to despise cooking. All the creative juices were spent on reading, writing, drawing, designing, playing instruments, listening to music, dancing (many years ago), and… I just have nothing left for the culinary arts. I once had a microwaveable bag of buttered corn explode because I forgot to slit the bag. Don’t get me wrong—I love food (Korean, Caribbean, German…). I just don’t care to cook it.
  7. I have cross-country road-tripped the United States no fewer than ten times. And I don’t mean the time we drove from Utah to Washington; I mean the time we drove from Washington to New York. Or New York to Florida. (And back. Does that count as two?) Or New York to Utah. Every time my family moved from the US to Europe, we road-tripped between the east coast and whatever western US location we were actually stationed in. Then I road-tripped with my grandparents in their RV. And then I started doing my own.
  8. I despise cilantro. With every fiber of my being. I am part of less than 10% of the population who thinks cilantro tastes like soap or, more specifically, like I’ve just devoured a mouthful of hand lotion. The tiniest sliver of cilantro in my food ruins the entire meal because I can’t get that horrible flavor out of my mouth. I do, however, love Chipotle; I just have to request the pre-mixed plain white rice from the back and stay away from the corn.
  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an author. Then an artist. Then I worked as a junior park ranger in Yellowstone for a summer, so I wanted to be a biologist. I went to college for biology and ended up with a bachelor’s in graphic design, followed by a master’s in marketing. Now, I’m a creative director. Everything comes full-circle, I guess.
  10.  I’ve traveled Europe extensively, but have more recently fallen completely in love with eastern Europe. Something about how recent the post-Communist era is, how raw and undiscovered it still is, how welcoming the people are and how excited they are just to have you interested in visiting their countries. When we went to Bosnia, the locals couldn’t believe we were there to just… visit. And they couldn’t have been more thrilled either. My trip to Japan uncovered an appetite for Asia as well!


A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the “40×40 Challenge,” forty countries by age forty. Having checked the box for all fifty states, and after assessing this goal as a slight stretch within reach, I decided I was going to do it. Needless to say, I completed the challenge a couple years early and am currently at fifty-two countries (still before 40). So, what’s next? I’ll just have to come up with another personal travel challenge, I guess. To see where I’ve been and what’s on the docket, visit my Destinations page!

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