Back at Basecamp #6

Washington DC Metro

Wow! Is it that time again already? I guess so. Welcome to your latest edition of Back at Basecamp, where you can catch all the most recent updates on what’s happening with Global Debauchery. Moi importante. 

  • Last feature: If you haven’t already, peruse my latest travel feature “Trekking the Atacama, With a Side of Santiago,” a two-part series where the #AdventurePartnersForLife take on Chile. Yes, it’s the tell-all tale of 13,000-foot elevations and llama traffic jams, sure to leave you wanting more!
  • Upcoming feature: You know, I’m just not sure whether I want to release my Japan writings or my Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania trip next (needless to say, that was an interesting one!). Why don’t you be the judge and poll away below?
  • Reader’s Requests: A note to everyone that I’m always on the lookout for Reader’s Requests. And they can be anything travel- or wanderlust-related, they don’t have to be location-specific. Funny enough, I received the exact same request from two different people this past week—they want to know where to go when and where not to go when. So, that (or a spin on that) may be next! The suggestion box is open 24-7; keep ’em coming.
  • Recent “Travels:” It’s been a summer of stay-cationing, really, plotting my next adventures. I’ve strolled the beautiful University of Maryland campus grounds, checked out some new DC neighborhoods, visited Great Falls (amazing waterfalls just outside the city!), and, this past weekend, the National Portrait Gallery. While my wanderlust is kicked into high-gear, stay-cationing is always good practice for my “Meantime Meanderings” column, which are actually some of my favorite posts—what to do with your in-between time. If you’ve never read them, click >The Blog, >Meantime Meanderings.
  • Upcoming Travels: It looks like the #AdventurePartnerForLife and I will be doing a long weekend in Maine next month—Portland, Bar Harbor, Acadia. I’ll also be doing another father-daughter trip in November to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in November. (Brrr!) Stay tuned! Yours truly is part Lithuanian, so I shall be discovering ze mutherland. Should be interesting.
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Today’s featured photo: A summer of stay-cationing, traveling locally here, there, and everywhere on the familiar DC Metro, which, for some reason, I love to photograph.

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