A blog devoted entirely to the overindulgence of wanderlust.

Global | adjective | glob·al | \ˈglō-bəl\ : involving the world.

Debauchery noun | de·bauch·ery \di-ˈbȯ-chə-rē\ : excessive indulgence; seduction from duty; intemperance.

Working while travelingWhat better way to describe something than by quoting someone who’s already expressed it best? Leo Tolstoy.

“I wanted movement & not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement & danger & the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life.”

This is what drives my wanderlust.

You could say I was born with the travel bug. I moved from my English birthplace two months after being brought into the world. As a military brat, I spent most of my childhood traveling and, as an adult, the habit just stuck. Sitting in one place for too long amplifies an intrinsic restlessness in me. It seems the feeling of unfamiliarity is actually the most familiar of all.

When I’m not working (and even when I am working sometimes), I spend a great majority of my waking minutes daydreaming about travel, planning travel, trolling travel sites, plotting cost-cutting for my travels… I’m usually devising my next big trip before I’ve even gone on the one that’s already booked, a habit that drives my husband insane. I pretty much obsessively think about where in the world I’m going next.

What does all of this even mean? Yes, it totally means I have a severe case of OCD. But it also means that, in any given day, I come across a lot of valuable travel information worth sharing and, in any given trip, I hear a lot of interesting stories from some very interesting people. So why not hush my nagging travel bug by further indulging it with a blog? Of course.

There you have it. Welcome to Jordan’s world of Global Debauchery.

© 2013 Jordan Campbell. Some rights reserved.
Photo Credit: Manny Pantoja, Unsplash.com.

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