Back at Basecamp Blizzard

Back at Basecamp #3

It looks like I’m housebound and camped out for the weekend, as the United States’ east coast gets pounded with its first major blizzard of the season. So, here I am, happily providing my favorite friends with a blog update! A lot has happened in the Global Debauchery world over the last month, and I’m so excited to share it all with you! I’d love to hear what you might be up to and what sorts of travel plans you’re looking forward to. What drives your wanderlust, and where do you find it? Please email me via the Contact page and tell me all about it. 

  • Last month’s feature: Thank you so much to Cher from Bucket List Travel Club! She was kind enough to bless us with her article “Tribute to the Vietnamese/Asian Squat” and has truly provided an unwavering support system for Global Debauchery. I look forward to many more collaborations with her.
  • Guest features: Yours truly was also fortunate enough to be featured on fellow travel blog EatSleepLoveTravel. The post discusses where my travel inspiration comes from, where I’ve been, and Global Debauchery itself. Please take a look if you have a moment! In addition, I was able to contribute to Sea Salt Secrets “Gaga for Graffiti” rotation. These opportunities are so greatly appreciated, Vicky and Shane, and it was terrific working with you both!
  • Upcoming Feature: Stay tuned for this month’s multi-part feature where the #AdventurePartnerForLife and I take on LA, Fiji and New Zealand! Two weeks of fun-filled travel to one of my favorite places on the globe to date.
  • Other posts to come: In addition to the usual article rotations, I’ve continued to receive some great ideas from readers, including travelers’ rites of passage, specific itineraries (maybe I’ll include my Copenhagen and Stockholm trip on the books), and top things to do in various cities. Keep ’em coming, folks, and I’ll keep writing them!
  • Record blog traffic: I’m not certain what the magic formula was this month, but after having only launched mid-November, January is on target to receive double the amount of traffic it’s garnered each of the prior two months! Thank you, friends, for your interest and continued support on this venture!
  • Blog directories: As my site gets more legit, it’s being added to a few blog directories. This means a larger reader base and even more opportunities! Much thanks to Dave’s Travel Corner for believing in the little guy!
  • Get social: Don’t forget to like and share the Global Debauchery Facebook page. I’m on Twitter and Instagram also, so network away, peeps! I’ve met a lot of new and interesting folks on social since the start of my blog and only hope the pool continues to grow.

Today’s featured photo: Wintry view from the front door of Chez Campbell. What better time to blog hour after hour than during a record snowfall blizzard in our nation’s capital? Over two feet in one day! We’ll be shoveling our driveway soon enough, but today, it’s all about my happy place… Global Debauchery.

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    1. Jordan

      Almost 3 feet in a day and a half! I’m a former Upstate New Yorker, so I have a good feel for cold, long winters, but this was impressive even by those standards. (I moved south for a reason!) Hope you guys stay warm and shovel out quickly.

      Thanks so much, Anna! I look forward to seeing more of your posts as well!


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