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Church doors in Kotor, Montenegro

When you want to go everywhere in the world, how do you even begin to narrow down your next travel destination? You: (Yes, you!) Where do you get your inspiration for your next big trip? I’m on a mission to collect everyone’s great travel resources and share it with fellow adventurers, and your input is crucial to the success of this mission. Post your favorite sites, apps, and travel tips in Comments, and they could be featured in upcoming posts! In the meantime, a couple of my personal recommendations…

LonelyPlanet.com: Lonely Planet is one of my automatic go-tos for any trip I might be planning. They underwent a website redesign in recent years, and although it isn’t as great as their last site in my humble opinion, it still contains all the same quality information it did before. My favorite uses for this site are the Destinations tab (specifically, the “Essential Information” sections) and the Thorn Tree Forum, to which I’ve posted on a number of occasions for travel questions, and have always heard back (I asked someone for the train schedule in nowhere Bulgaria once and someone got back to me). Their books are exceptionally in-depth and, while they specialize in shoestring travel, they offer mid- and high-range options also. Their pictorial books rival that of the revered National Geographic and their Best in Travel publications make my Christmas list every. single. year. Just enough for a year’s worth of travel fantasies. Ah-mazing.

RoughGuides.comRough Guides has a following all its own, and I know a lot of people particularly enthusiastic about them. I honestly can’t attest to the reliability and awesomeness of their books (this will change soon enough), but I can say their site is fantastic! The layout is fresh, updated, and user-friendly. The best part? Rough Guides’ galleries! Gorgeous photography with fun, educational tidbits on every imaginable topic. They don’t have as many countries covered as Lonely Planet (they have a lot, just not as many), but their “Essentials” sections are really thorough and they even have suggested itineraries. Take a scroll through and enjoy!

DK Eyewitness Travel GuidesThis will sound a little silly, but these travel guides are my absolute favorite… because they have lots of pictures. Lonely Planet, for example, has an exorbitant amount of valuable information in their printed guides (they seriously cover the tiniest towns you’ve never heard of), but they typically only have a color photo section in the front of their books. DK guides have photos throughout, which is really helpful when you’re trying to decide if you want to see something on your trip. Who wants to Google Image every single destination listed? They also have detailed city center illustrations with suggested walking tours and usually tuck a water resistant map in the back cover; I have used both in prior travels. Their truncated Top 10 books are perfect for weekend getaways.

Now, I know this is only three resources, but I can’t very well divulge all my secrets in one sitting. Hopefully, however, this will keep you entertained until next time! More to come soon enough…

Today’s featured photo: Church doors in Kotor, Montenegro. While the walled town’s fortifications date all the way back to the 6th century, the impressive mountain fortress we see now was constructed around 1420. Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was voted Lonely Planet’s “Top City” for its 2016 Best In Travel publication.

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  1. I’ve been using Expedia to book flights/hotels for my upcoming trip to Europe and have had really good luck finding good deals!

    I definitely want to check out rough guides for when we plan what we do in each city. Great tips!

  2. I scroll through the trips on Groupon and Living Social. I’ve gone to Kenya, the DR, Fiji, etc. using those deals.

  3. Everyone should subscribe to the weekly top 20 deals from Travelzoo.com. Sometimes you don’t know you want to visit a place until you see a great deal to that place. Even if you don’t ever take one of the deals, just receiving the weekly email is fun.

    1. Ooh! A perfect segway into the next Discount Diva article! On the docket, I’ve got some of my favorite savings sites, so make sure to check back in next week. I’m also currently writing “Tips on How to Survive Long Flights” for the next Reader’s Request! 😉

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